I Have Weekly Meetings With My Boyfriend And It’s The Reason Our Relationship Has Lasted

I’ve been with my boyfriend for over two years now, and about a year ago, we decided to start holding weekly relationship meetings. It might sound a bit formal or like we must have serious issues, but actually, it’s quite the opposite. They’ve made our relationship so much stronger. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re the reason we’re still so happy together.

Here’s what I mean by weekly meetings

I’m not saying I make him sit through a PowerPoint presentation and take the minutes of the topics we discuss, obviously. Instead, it’s basically an impromptu huddle where we put our phones away, get rid of any distractions, and actually check in with each other. We don’t scroll absent-mindedly through social media or half-listen to each other while we watch “The Last of Us” in the background. We stop, take some time just for us, and connect.

The weekly meetings I have with my boyfriend are a way for us to make sure we’re still on the same page and that there are no issues, big or small, that we should be discussing. Life gets hectic sometimes and we’ve been together for a while now, meaning we’re pretty comfortable with each other. Neither of us wants our relationship to get off track, and our meetings help us avoid this.

What my boyfriend and I discuss at our weekly meetings

There are no set topics at our meetings. Some weeks there’s not much to talk about because there’s nothing exciting going on and nothing pressing happening in our relationship or in our lives in general. However, literally anything is on the table to discuss. It may not even have anything to do with us as a couple — it could be stress my boyfriend is going through at work or drama I had with my sister last week. We discuss that and more at our weekly relationship meeting, including stuff like:

  • Arguments or disagreements we had with each other
  • Family issues or concerns
  • Practical stuff like budgeting, bills, etc.
  • The next trip we’d like to plan
  • What we want to do for date night
  • How we’re each feeling emotionally/mentally and how we can help each other
  • Whether there’s anything we need to change/could be doing better on
  • Stuff that needs doing around the house, like cleaning up or fixing things

Sometimes we have a lot to talk about on a given week and we chat for a few hours. Other times, we’re good in about 10-15 minutes tops. We’re not rigid with these “meetings,” but we do make sure we never miss them, no matter how much is going on.

Why these meetings have such a profound impact on our relationship

    1. It builds trust. Because we know we’re always upfront and honest with each other about our lives and our relationship, we can trust one another completely. We don’t have to worry that the other is keeping secrets or not being straight because communication is the foundation of our connection.
    2. We understand each other so much better. My boyfriend and I have talked about so many different things over the course of the years we’ve been together. Sometimes it feels like a therapy session, it’s that cathartic and goes that deep. Feeling safe enough to be vulnerable lets us show our true selves to each other, and we “get” each other so much better as a result.
    3. We don’t let stuff fester. Even if we’ve bickered a lot one week, we know we’re going to hash things out at our weekly meeting and get to the bottom of it. That means small issues don’t ever become big ones because we’re sorting them out straight away. This means we never have huge, blow-out fights, which is a relief.
    4. We’re more emotionally connected. Speaking so honestly and openly doesn’t just help us empathize with one another, it truly brings us closer emotionally. I feel so close with my boyfriend not just during these meetings but all the time because of them. I know him on a deep level and feel an affinity with him that I can’t really explain. A lot of that comes down to our meetings.
    5. We feel completely supported. Taking the time to truly listen to each other and exchange feelings and ideas regularly, neither of us ever feels neglected. I’ve never had to worry that my boyfriend didn’t have my back. Our weekly relationship meetings make sure we get a grasp on what the other person needs. Having that communicated directly, as well as just paying attention to each other’s body language and behavior, means we’re always there to give each other the care and reassurance we need.
    6. We have an intense amount of mutual respect. I literally couldn’t be with someone I didn’t respect or who didn’t respect me. It would never work. Thankfully, I know my boyfriend holds me in the highest regard. He respects my boundaries, wishes, desires, thoughts, opinions, etc. I can say the same about him too.
    7. The sex is off the charts. As you can imagine, being so close to someone emotionally translates in the bedroom. Because I feel so loved, cared for, supported, and respected, the sex we have is phenomenal. We communicate just as much in the bedroom as we do outside of it, and I’ve never enjoyed sex with anyone else as much as I do with him. Bonus!
    8. We’re just so much happier overall. It shouldn’t be hard to see why. It’s not all down to the meetings, obviously, but they definitely play a big part!
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