Weighted Bath Robes Now Exist And They’re Both Comfortable And Comforting

If you suffer from anxiety, insomnia, or simply like comforting things, you may have tried or own a weighted blanket. That extra heft somehow manages to make you feel all cocooned and safe in the best possible ways. But what if you wanted to experience the same sensation while you were out of your bed? Gravity Blanket is now offering weighted bath robes for that express purpose.

It’s the first of its kind! Gravity Blanket teamed up with Modernist to create the world’s first weighted bathrobe, and frankly, I can’t believe it didn’t exist sooner! However, this is indeed the first of its kind, which makes it pretty special.

It’s not just comforting, it’s comfortable. The weighted bathrobe is made of 100% polyester fleece so you get that same comfy feeling as a “regular” robe but with the added bonus of a gentle weight. It’s the best of both worlds!

You can customize it to your liking. The weighted bathrobe is available in 15 or 35-pound weights and you can choose between navy, gray, or white depending on your color preference. There’s even a three-pound weight in the collar for extra coziness. As one reviewer said, “Once you take it off it feels as though someone just got done massaging your shoulders.”

It’s washable and the weights are removable. If you ever feel like wearing this as a plain old bathrobe or you need to pop it in the washer, the weights can be removed via a zipper pouch and then put back in when you’re ready. Convenient!

You can order yours on the Gravity Blanket website. The weighted bathrobes cost $130 each, and with Christmas coming, they would make great gifts (even if it’s just for you). You can get yours HERE.

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