What Are Angel Numbers And What Do They Mean?

You’re about to be called in for a job interview, anxiously looking down at your phone while you wait. When you look down, you see it’s exactly 12:12 p.m. Then you look up to the TV in the corner of the room and an ad comes on, asking viewers to call the number 1212. You get a fluttery feeling in your stomach. Later that day, you buy lunch and it costs you exactly $12.12. Coincidence? In the spiritual world, there are no coincidences. These are angel numbers. What are angel numbers and what significance do they have in your life? Read on to find out.

  1. Angel numbers are recurring number sequences. Angel numbers are repetitive, recurring number sequences that you notice appearing in random places throughout your life. For example, number sequences such as 111 or 444 are thought to be angel numbers. Mind Body Green explains that they usually appear in groups of three, however, they can appear in other quantities. They can also appear with splits in them, such as 1101, or 3303.
  2. They can also be number patterns. Though we most commonly think of angel numbers as being recurring versions of the same number, such as 222, they can also feature patterns. This can mean that they appear in patterns that make sense to us, such as 321. Or they can appear in visual patterns, like 9696.
  3. These numbers hook our attention. Angel numbers are designed to hook our attention. While you probably see numbers in different forms constantly throughout the day, angel numbers tend to stick in the memory. When you see one, you get the feeling that you’re seeing something special. As a result, some people like to take photos or screenshots when angel numbers appear in their lives. For example, if they look at the clock and it’s 1:11, they might the feeling that they’re getting a stronger message than just the time.
  4. Angel numbers signify guidance from the spiritual world. Angel numbers hook our attention because they carry important meanings. According to Allure, they signify guidance from the spiritual world. Most commonly, angel numbers signify that the Universe is sending insight, wisdom, and a sense of direction.
  5. But they mean different things to different people. While experts believe that angel numbers generally signify guidance from the spiritual world, they can still mean different things to different people. Different number sequences and patterns align with different standard meanings. For example, 111 often means that something positive is manifesting in your life. But this might mean something different to you. It’s up to each person to decide what angel numbers mean to them. Then they’ll know that’s the message the Universe is sending them when they see that number again in the future.
  6. They can come from angels or other sources. Despite the name “angel numbers”, angel numbers don’t have to come from angels. Their source again depends on who you are, what you believe, and your relationship with your own spirituality. For some people, recurring numbers might be a message from their ancestors, their spirit guides, God, their own intuition, or indeed angels.
  7. They can appear absolutely anywhere. The cool thing about angel numbers is that they can appear absolutely anywhere. In fact, they often appear in ordinary, mundane places to reinforce that you’re receiving guidance as you move through your day-to-day life. They typically appear on car number plates, television commercials, in phone numbers, on ticket numbers, and other places you won’t be expecting.
  8. There is no angel number hierarchy. Angel numbers mean something different to everyone and there is no angel number hierarchy. If you see 111 once, it is just as powerful as seeing it five times. Patterns aren’t less meaningful than straight numbers, and vice-versa. All angel numbers are important. And all of them show that the Universe is present and supporting you.
  9. Angel numbers have an interesting history. Angel numbers may sound like a new-age philosophy, but the concept actually dates back to the Ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras. A skilled mathematician, he believed that our reality is a physical manifestation of the energetic vibration of numbers. As centuries have passed, humans have continued to explore the meaning and importance of numbers in our lives. Metaphysical practitioners believe that these numbers are indicators from the spiritual world.
  10. There are other angel signs too. Angel numbers are one of the most popular forms of spiritual communication known to the general public. But experts in the field believe that there are other ways for angels and other sources to communicate with humans. According to The Law of Attraction website, other things to look out for include rainbows, feathers, coins, cloud patterns, flashes of light, and particular animals, such as butterflies. These may also signify that the Universe supports you and is offering you a personal message.
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