What A Guy Wants From The Woman He’s Hooking Up With, According To A Guy

I think we’re all aware that guys aren’t always down with a committed relationship. A lot of us are looking for something a little more casual. Much like we all have a checklist for the perfect girlfriend, there are certain traits we look for in a hookup partner too. If you’re at all curious for whatever reason about what guys look for in a casual buddy, here is some insight.


Hooking up with someone in a casual way just tends to happen. It doesn’t happen after date night or during a quiet night at home as it does for some couples. It requires a willingness to be spontaneous and act on the spur of the moment. It’s not like you’re going to make an appointment ahead of time to hook up with someone. That’s why guys want a woman who can be spontaneous and who will be down to get down whenever.


When I say flexibility, I mean in their schedule. Although I guess the other kind of flexible can be nice too. As I said, spontaneity is desirable for a woman you’re hooking up with. That means we don’t want somebody who works a lot or has a crazy schedule. It’s not really a casual hookup if you have to plan it out days in advance. Guys who are looking for something casual want a woman who has a relaxed schedule and can make herself available at a moment’s notice.

Understanding of the situation

It’s never going to work unless both people are on the same page. That’s why it’s imperative that when a guy is hooking up with a woman that she knows the deal. We need someone who knows better than to catch feelings. If you’re hooking up in a friends-with-benefits situation, we don’t want someone who wants to turn it into something more. We don’t want to have to worry about that becoming an issue all the time. It really takes the enjoyment out of it.

Willingness to experiment

Part of the fun of a casual hookup is that it’s easier to let yourself go and experiment with new things in the bedroom. After all, if things get a little awkward or too wild, it’s easy to just call the whole thing off since it’s not a serious relationship. For a lot of guys, a casual hookup is our chance to ask a woman to try things we would never ask a serious girlfriend to do. That might sound a little sleazy, but it’s the truth. For guys, the best women to hook up with are ones who aren’t afraid of trying something new.


I’m not saying casual hookups need to be a secret, but that doesn’t mean they should be broadcast for the whole world to know. Remember, if you’re just hooking up with someone, it’s not a real relationship. You don’t need to talk about it with your friends and family as if it were something serious. Guys want a woman who will keep their casual hookup on the down-low. Plus, isn’t it hotter to hook up with someone in secret?

A lack of emotion

We all know it’s a slippery slope between love and sex. If a guy is just hooking up with someone, he’s not looking to turn it into something more. This requires a woman who’s going to be as unemotional as possible. Yes, that’s a little cold, but again, it’s the truth. You might be hooking up with someone to help fill the void of not being in a serious relationship, but that doesn’t mean you have to treat it like a relationship. There should be no gifts exchanged and a minimal amount of cuddling. Outside of hooking up, don’t treat the guy like he’s your boyfriend because he’s not.

A friend

Okay, so a guy hooking up with a woman doesn’t want a girlfriend. Let’s be clear about that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a friend. I mean, it’d be weird to hook up with someone you hate, right? Plus, you need to be friendly with the other person and able to communicate to make sure you’re both on the same page. That doesn’t mean you have to be best friends; that would be weird too. However, most guys prefer a casual partner who is nice and friendly.

Physical attractiveness

Oops, I almost forget the most important thing. A guy wants the woman he’s hooking up with to be super hot. Yes, that’s shallow and superficial, but there have been actual studies in which close to 70% of men said an attractive face and body were the most important things in a casual partner. For what it’s worth, guys also said that a woman’s eyes and smile were more important than breasts and butt. So there’s that, right? You can’t be surprised to hear that looks matter the most when it comes to a casual hookup. I mean, if you’re not attracted to the person, what’s the point?

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