What Happens When You Like Someone On Facebook Dating? Here’s What To Know

If you’re already a Facebook user and currently single, it makes sense to give Facebook dating a shot if you’re looking for someone you can date. If you’ve started using this service and you want to “like” someone on the platform, you might wonder how it works and what will happen next. Read on to get the lowdown on using the Facebook dating app so you don’t end up with regrets.

  1. Here’s how “liking” works. There have been some changes made to Facebook dating. While previously you could only tap the heart symbol to show someone you liked them, now you can do this and swipe on them. So, basically, to “like” someone, you can either swipe right on them or tap the heart symbol. Easy peasy. Note that you should tap the “x” or swipe left on people you don’t like. Don’t get those mixed up!
  2. Where do you see your “likes”? You will see who’s liked you in a tab at the top of the Facebook dating home screen. So yes – the person you’ve “liked” will see that you’ve liked them! Make sure that you’re careful about who you swipe right on or tap the heart symbol for. If you’re not into them knowing that you think they’re cool, then you should make use of the Secret Crush feature which we will talk about a bit later on.
  3. What’s the “super like” feature? You can also “super like” someone on Facebook dating. But you can only use one free “super like” every day, so make sure you don’t waste it. This feature really indicates to the person that you’ve said “yes” to their profile on the app, so save it for someone special.
  4. Your ”like” could lead to a match. If you’ve liked someone and they’ve liked you back, congrats! You’re a match! You’ll be notified that the person has liked you back and then you’ll be able to start a conversation with them. Your matches will show up in the “new matches” section on the app, and then they’ll move into the “conversations” section once you’ve broken the ice with a conversation starter.
  5. Are your “likes” ever secret? Maybe you like someone on Facebook dating but you’re just not feeling confident enough about them knowing. Don’t worry – you can use the Secret Crush feature. You’ll see it on the home screen. How it works is that you can select up to nine people from your current Facebook friends and select them as your crushes. Yup, that’s the catch – you can only crush on people who are already friends with you on FB and are using the dating service.
  6. When will your crush know about it? If the person you’ve selected as a crush is also into you, you’ll be notified about it. Note that when you choose the person as a crush, they will receive a message that someone has a crush on them but they won’t know it’s you right off the bat. They’ll only learn that it’s you when they also match with you. They have to add you as a crush, basically. The problem with this is that you can’t add someone who’s not on Facebook dating, even if they’re a Facebook friend. Awww.
  7. You can remove crushes, though. It’s always good to know what your options are when dating online. If you’ve added a crush (or two) and you later change your mind about them, you can remove them. In Facebook dating, simply scroll down until you see “Secret Crush” and then tap it. Tap the photo of the person that you’d like to no longer have listed as a crush, then tap on “Remove crush.” Phew.
  8. Why is Facebook dating unavailable? It could happen that Facebook dating isn’t working correctly on your device so you’re not seeing your “likes.” You might have to update the Facebook app, which has been said to be a way to deal with this annoying glitch. Note that Facebook dating doesn’t have a separate app – it’s part of the general Facebook app. A good way to prevent your “likes” from not showing up or Facebook dating from not working correctly is to keep automatic updates on your device turned on. This will ensure that the app is always up to date so you can see potential dates without wondering why you’re not getting “likes” even though you are.
  9. Can you hide your facebook dating profile? Although your “likes” aren’t hidden, you can hide your Facebook dating profile from your Facebook friends who are also on the app. This will prevent you from seeing their dating profiles and prevent them from seeing yours. You can also go to your Facebook privacy settings and prevent the app from suggesting friends of your friends as potential romantic matches. This is worth doing if you want to keep your real life social circle separate from your Facebook matches, or if you have some frenemies you’d never want to match with. No one needs that drama.
Jessica Blake is a writer who loves good books and good men, and realizes how difficult it is to find both.