What It Means When Your Ex Blocks You And Why He Did It

Your relationship may have ended but you feel like you’ve left things on good terms with your former boyfriend. You didn’t hate each other, no one really messed up that bad, things just didn’t work out. So why is it that you can no longer contact him on social media or even via text? Here’s what it means when your ex blocks you and why he did it. Believe it or not, there could be many reasons this happens.

  1. It’s too painful to see you. Whether your relationship ended last week or last month, there’s a chance that seeing what you’re up to on Instagram or Facebook — your happy vacation selfies, your job promotion updates — is too painful to him because it reminds him of your relationship and the fact that it didn’t work out. After all, just because you know that a relationship needs to end doesn’t mean that feelings fade immediately. When it’s still too hard, your ex blocks you to spare himself.
  2. He’s trying to move on. Similar to the above, you know yourself that stalking your ex on social media or even chatting casually under the guise of “staying friends” is a recipe for hanging on to the past. Sometimes an ex blocks you so that he can put you out of his mind and start to get over what happened between you so he can move on with his life. It’s not personal really, it’s self-preservation.
  3. He has a new girlfriend. If it’s been a few months and suddenly he’s nowhere to be found on your feeds, it could be that he has a new girlfriend now and she’s not all that keen on him staying in touch with his ex and would prefer if he blocks you. Granted, he could stand up for himself and keep you around, but if you’re not regularly chatting anymore, it’s probably not worth all that much to him.
  4. You did something to piss him off. Maybe you just think your relationship ended well but in reality, he felt slighted by something that happened between you and he’s holding a grudge over it. If that’s the case, it makes sense that he’d cut you off online. It’s immature, yes, and he could have aired his issues much earlier, but what can you do?
  5. He’s not interested in being friends. This could just be the most obvious reason that your ex blocks you. Your relationship is over, and while there’s no bad blood between you, he has no interest in being friends or staying in touch, so he finds it easier to just cut the cord for good. He could just unfollow you, of course, but oh well.


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