Who Cares If I’m A Crazy Cat Lady?

Who Cares If I’m A Crazy Cat Lady? ©iStock/elenaleonova

Being a woman who has a cat for a pet comes some with some pretty annoying stereotypes and they’re even worse if you’re single. You get called a “crazy cat lady” and are told that you’re just going to end up an old spinster with your army of felines parading your one bedroom apartment (which wouldn’t really be so bad anyway because quite frankly, cats are pretty great). Honestly, who cares if any woman — single or not — has a cat for a pet and isn’t out hunting for a boyfriend?

  1. I care for another life, and that’s pretty amazing. Whether you a cat from the local animal shelter, or bought yourself a cute little kitten — it’s pretty fantastic when any human chooses to love and care for an innocent animal and give them a good life. It shows you care about more than just yourself.
  2. My cat is my best friend. Yes, he’s got four legs and the extent of our conversations are, “Meow, meow, get off the counter, meow!” but my cat is my main life partner. Just like any pet, he’s the one who’s always there in my weakest moments and never judges me.
  3. I’m a master at lint rolling. And I bulk buy lint rolling sheets at Costco, because lint rolling cat hair off my black cardigan sweater before I leave the house is worth the companionship I have every single day.
  4. Cats are hilarious and entertaining. There’s a misconception that all cats possess a diva-like attitude, and that’s true to a degree, but they also have wicked personalities. My cat plays fetch and runs to the window every time he hears my car lock beeper and then runs to greet me at the front door right after. He also routinely gets his head stuck in Kleenex boxes and likes to pounce on random dots on the wall while running around my apartment like a complete psychopath before he hops onto his perch where he proceeds to sleep for hours on end.
  5. I’ve got a high pain tolerance. Because playing with my cat means I get scratched, bitten and scarred. They’re just love bites, I swear! It’s just how they show affection, and I’m okay with bearing the scars.
  6. Cats are independent. What other animal can you leave for a night with a proper supply of food and a clean place to poop and they literally handle it like champs? Cats are so chill. You can leave them alone for hours while you run your errands and come home to them completely un-phased by your absence. They were probably sleeping the whole time, anyway.
  7. Cats are cheap. Aside from the fact that cat food and litter is pretty damn affordable, so are their toys, mostly. Because let’s face it, they usually end up liking the box the toy came in even more than the toy itself, and boxes are free.
  8. I’m no different than the crazy dog lady. Crazy dog ladies are totally a thing, too, but they don’t get nearly as much flack or crappy insulting remarks for being single with a puppy. What’s the difference? I’m a woman with a pet. My pet is a cat. End of story.
  9. My cat is my family. Yes, I post pictures of my cat. Yes, I hashtag #catsofinstagram. So what? It’s not nearly as much as the amount people post pictures of their babies, and even if it was — who cares? My cat is my family and he’s in my life 24/7. He sleeps with me, wakes up with me, eats with me and makes me laugh every single day of my life. Why wouldn’t I be crazy about my cat? He’s like my child. My furry child. And I’m a proud cat lady.