Why Bad Boys Make Great Boyfriends — At Least Once

Why Bad Boys Make Great Boyfriends — At Least Once ©iStock/Pefostudio

Dating a stereotypical “bad boy” is probably a terrible idea if you’re looking for long-term love. He’s got a bad attitude, little regard for rules and consequences, and probably won’t be able to provide the stability and comfort you’re looking for. That doesn’t mean dating him doesn’t have its merits. In fact, you probably should date a bad boy… at least once, anyway.

  1. He doesn’t give a damn. Nothing really matters to this guy because he knows what he wants out of life. He couldn’t care less about the people who try to bring him down or the ones who disagree with his lifestyle, and while there are times when that attitude will backfire, it can be kind of inspiring sometimes.
  2. He’s not afraid of anything. Whatever fears you have about the world, lay them on this guy, and he’ll give you every reason why you shouldn’t be afraid. How refreshing to be shown a different point of view that can alter your outlook on life.
  3. He gets into trouble. OK, so he doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to minding his own business. He may start physical fights, total his BMW or refuse to comply with basic rules of the world. But he is a rebel and he doesn’t care, and that can be exciting… at least temporarily.
  4. He’s a lot of fun. Hanging out with him will always be a blast. He has the best ideas and is always down to be spontaneous and try new things. This will guarantee a fresh and exciting relationship, for sure.
  5. He stands up for what he believes in. He may be bad, but he fights for a good cause. He still has passions and goals and won’t stop until he is where he wants to be. He doesn’t back down in the face of adversity, and that’s pretty admirable.
  6. He pushes you out of your comfort zone. If you’re used to playing by the rules and staying content within your boundaries, let this guy show you the ropes. He’ll make you do things you normally wouldn’t and you’ll totally expand your horizons.
  7. He makes you feel confident. He’ll show you how to walk with your head high, have a little edge and put on some attitude. When you need a little self-esteem boost, this guy will give it to you.
  8. He doesn’t stress you out. Dating a bad boy doesn’t mean that he won’t be good to you. You’ll find that he enjoys having a woman by his sideand will take you on his escapades with him. He’ll calm you down when you need it and you will cherish his honesty.
  9. He makes you feel alive. There’s no doubt he’ll help you live on the wild side a little, because it’s just in his nature. You’ll always look forward to seeing him and wonder what the two of you will conquer next.
  10. He’s your ride or die. If he’s down for you, you’ll be his best friend. A bad boy loves a girl who accepts who he is and wants to be a part of his sometimes unorthodox, upside-down, spontaneous lifestyle. So give him a try and enjoy the ride.
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