Why Do Guys Like Being Called ‘Daddy’?

When you and your partner head to the bedroom, chances are dirty talk is involved. There’s something empowering about saying the most indecent, obscene things that come to mind in a safe place with someone who can fulfill even your naughtiest fantasies. Everyone has their own ideas of what’s sexy, but there’s one thing that’s particularly confounding to many women. Why do guys like being called “daddy” in the bedroom? Here’s what it’s all about.

Why do guys like being called “daddy”?

  1. It can be a term of endearment. For some, being referred to as “daddy” can be a sign of affection and a symbol of trust. It’s certainly a different take on the classic “baby” or “honey.” However, this term can be used playfully between a committed couple that illustrates the bond between you. It also implies something a bit more private, which is always sexy.
  2. It allows them to play the protector. Being called “daddy” can evoke feelings of care and protection, making guys feel needed and appreciated, which anyone would like. While you’re an independent woman who doesn’t need anyone to protect you, there’s nothing wrong with indulging your boyfriend’s need to feel like he’s Superman.
  3. It makes them feel powerful and manly. The term “daddy” can also hold a connotation of authority and power, which can be empowering for some men. Yes, masculinity can be fragile and you shouldn’t have to massage his ego. However, it can be just as attractive to you to see him feeling so good about himself.
  4. It increases sexual attraction. In the BDSM community, “daddy” is often used to refer to a dominant partner, and can be a term of sexual attraction for some men. If you engage in roleplay or other kinks, this may be part of your sexual experience regularly. Simply hearing you call him “daddy” could turn him on. As a result, he’ll be ripping your clothes off in no time.
  5. It implies maturity and experience. The term “daddy” is often associated with a man who’s the head of a household, which can be appealing for some men who enjoy feeling wise and in control. While this is a societal perception since anyone can be a father, the societal connotations are enough to make a difference.
  6. It makes them feel respected. You respect your father, right? He’s an authority figure whose opinions and rules you likely grew up following to a T. Many guys like being called “daddy” because it’s an innocent way of playing up power dynamics. Again, this is mostly useful in the bedroom, where it could translate into some very interesting sexual experiences.
  7. They want to be seen as leaders. While you should be in an equal partnership, there’s no denying that men like being seen as leaders. Calling him “daddy” in certain circumstances shows deference. In a way, it’s letting him take charge and taking a backseat to his desires in the moment.
  8. It fulfills a personal fantasy. Maybe he’s always been into the daddy/daughter dynamic in his wildest sexual fantasies. (Hey, we don’t kink shame here.) By playing along with it, you’re giving him a safe place to let his freak flag fly. Hell, you might get just as much out of it as he does.
  9. They’ve heard it in adult films. Many men love p*rn, it’s just that’s simple. And in a lot of adult movies, the female stars tend to call their male partners “daddy” as they bounce around with their big boobs and tiny waists. Because they want to mimic what they’ve gotten off to plenty of times, they love hearing the same thing in real life.
  10. It illustrates a sense of trust. Again, in typical father/daughter relationships, you trust your father to look after you and to have your best interest at heart. By calling your boyfriend “daddy,” you set up that same dynamic. You trust him enough to be vulnerable with him and let him do what he wants to do. That’s hot.
  11. It makes you seem younger. Yes, it’s weird in excess, but men love younger women. There’s a certain innocence implied in calling him “daddy” that he probably gets off on. Unless he’s doing something truly worrisome (nobody’s trying to date someone who’s sexually attracted to kids), there’s no harm in playing this up a bit.

Something to keep in mind

It’s important to note that not all men enjoy being referred to as “daddy.” Some may feel uncomfortable with the term and its associations, while others may feel that it’s overused or cliché. It’s not really fair to assume that every guy is into this kink, so talk to your partner if this is something you might be into to make sure he’s on the same page.

That being said, you should never feel pressured to call guys “daddy” if it’s not your thing. Just because your partner is into something doesn’t mean you have to indulge him. If doing this makes you feel bad or has negative associations, tell him honestly. No guy worth your time is going to push this further.

It’s not only normal to want to play around with different sexual triggers, but it’s pretty healthy. It ensures your bedroom life remains vibrant and exciting, which will continue to keep your bond strong. Sex isn’t everything, but it’s definitely important.

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