Why Do Guys Like Short Girls?

We all have our personal preferences when it comes to who we find attractive. And while the traits we find sexy differ depending on the person, there does seem to be one female quality a lot of men seem to like: women who are short. It seems like the smaller you are, the hotter men find you, and it’s kinda weird. So, why do guys like short girls? Turns out, there are several possible explanations.

  1. They like feeling like protectors. Shorter girls are smaller, which means a taller guy can swoop in to protect her. Never mind that she’s perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She ignites the hero instinct in him and he’s powerless to resist. The term, coined by relationship expert James Bauer in his book “His Secret Obsession,” refers to men’s biological need to feel needed by providing for/protecting people they care about. Something about a shorter woman sets this biological urge into overdrive.
  2. It’s an ego boost. Being physically larger than a woman makes guys feel big and powerful. This is because when they’re dating a shorter woman, they can be extra useful. Can’t reach something on a high shelf? They’ve got it. Trying to dust on top of the cupboards but struggling? They’ll help. Feeling strong and capable boosts their egos.
  3. It makes them feel more masculine. There’s something that feels extra manly to men who are with short women. It might not make sense on the surface, but it’s true. It has to do with towering over you and feeling like they’re so big and strong.
  4. The cuddling is A+. People of all different heights can enjoy cuddling together, but the combination of tall man and short woman just offers something special. Guys like short girls because they can fit right into the crook of their arm perfectly, like a missing puzzle piece.
  5. It makes them look taller. Men always want to seem tall, and being with a woman who’s smaller really helps with the illusion. They can seem like total giants in some circumstances, which they love. They can strut around like Greek gods, feeling on top of the world.
  6. Short women can wear heels without towering over them. This is one of the most attractive things about short girls in men’s eyes. Wearing heels is sexy, but it becomes less so if it makes him look like a little shrimp. Shorter women can wear heels and STILL be shorter than them. It’s the best of both worlds!
  7. There’s something adorable about short girls. It’s an aesthetic thing. That’s not to say that tall girls aren’t cute, but human beings find little things adorable. There’s just something super cute about short girls that guys can’t resist. Sure, it can get a bit infantilizing, but some women actually like it!
  8. A lot of guys like “petite” women. The general idea is that if you’re short, you’re also petite in general. Yes, it sucks that women are taught that taking up as little space as possible is the best way forward in life. However, there’s no denying that a lot of men really like this dynamic and are attracted to girls that are petite and compact.
  9. Short girls are less intimidating. Again, this is really corny. Being intimidating isn’t a bad thing! Especially when it’s because you’re a total badass who takes no prisoners. However, many men are easily cowed and so prefer short girls because they seem more approachable/less scary.
  10. The sex is extra hot. Tall guy and short girl sex is extra fun because you can try all different positions due to the height difference. Guys love this dynamic in the bedroom and find it extremely hot.
  11. Tall girls are seen as being less feminine. Totally not true in any way, but this view is one many guys still hold. Perhaps because men all want to be tall, they see tall women as more masculine. Is this ridiculous? Yes. Is it true? For a lot of people, yes. A lot of men believe that short girls are more, well, girly.
  12. If the guy is short too, they don’t have to feel bad about it. A 5’6″ guy may seem short by some women’s standards, but if he’s dating a woman who’s 5’2,” he’s in the money. He still gets to feel tall and gets the satisfaction of dating someone smaller.
  13. They tend to be feistier. What short girls lack in height, they make up in attitude. That’s obviously a bit of a stereotype, but it does hold true for many women. They find they’re often ignored or talked down to and they’re having none of it. Men love a bit of ‘tude (so long as it’s not directed towards them!). Short women deal with a lot of annoying things on a daily basis. No wonder they’re sassy.

So, what’s the most attractive height for a girl?

There’s no specific height a woman needs to be for a guy to find her attractive. Whether you’re short, average height, or extra tall, there’s a guy out there who will be into you. Try not to get too hung up on something as silly as your height, which you can’t control anyway.

That being said, many guys do have a preference for women who are at least a couple of inches shorter than them. A study found that many men (about 13.5%, to be specific) want to date women who are at least 3 inches shorter. Women, on the other hand, are often attracted to men who are at least 8 inches taller. Nearly half of women (48.9%) said they only wanted to date taller guys.

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