Why Having A “Girl Crush” Is A Good Thing

Occasionally you’ll be going about your life as usual and then meet a friend (or notice a celebrity) that fascinates you in a new way. Not that you want to ditch your man and get down with her (though there’s certainly nothing wrong with that), but there’s just something intriguing enough that you might label it a “girl crush”. Here’s why that’s a great thing.

She inspires you.

Whether it’s her style that you find amazing, her hair, or her very sexy way she carries herself, you can’t help but think you would like a little more of that in your own life! Maybe you never considered veering from your normal wardrobe choices, but the way she rocks those jumpsuits inspired you to get one of your own.

It’s supportive of our fellow women.

There’s already been enough drama between women to last until the end of time, so anything we can do to cut down on the hate and celebrate each other is an excellent choice. Having the thought of “Ueah, that girl is amazing” is a kind one. Even better if you actually say it.

It’s not sexual.

There are plenty of real sexual crushes to deal with in life and this is one time you really don’t have any plans to act on it. That means there’s no risk involved, and you’re free to enjoy being around her without wondering what’s going to happen next. The pressure is off.

She mirrors traits you want.

When you’re girl crushing on someone pay attention to what it is that you actually like about them. Chances are good that those are things you yourself would like to be or already have sprouting inside of you. Maybe her carefree attitude is exactly what you feel like you’re missing in your life.

You’re not jealous, for once.

Good news: If you have a girl crush, it means that you’re not reacting to another woman’s allure with pointless jealousy. That probably means that you’re secure in who you are and don’t feel like tearing other girls down is ever necessary.

It’s normal.

Having strong platonic feelings for another woman is so totally normal. The New York Times has described it as a: “…fervent infatuation that one heterosexual woman develops for another woman who may seem impossibly sophisticated, gifted, beautiful, or accomplished.” So there.

She has info you’d like to know.

Assuming your girl crush is someone that you actually know, you might be able to ask her for advice about her awesomely cool career or eyeliner techniques. If not, you can always stalk her on Instagram and try to emulate some of her awesomeness for yourself.

Someone might have a girl crush on you, too.

Hell, if you are capable of developing on a girl crush on someone else, then who’s to say you don’t have a mini fan of your own? You probably do somewhere. Work it.

It’s fun.

Let’s be honest, pretty much anything that brings a little interest to the day or pep in our step is worth celebrating. A girl crush is a great reminder that people can be totally awesome.

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