Why Single People Give The Best Relationship Advice

Why Single People Give The Best Relationship Advice ©iStock/filadendron

Your friends in long term relationships think they have a leg up on giving love advice, but you’ve gathered a lot of insights and opinions from your single lookout, as well. Most single people have plenty of dating experiences under their belt, leading to plenty of lessons learned and wisdom to impart. Here’s why single people know best when it comes to relationships.

  1. They can see a heartbreaker coming from a mile away. When their friends are smitten, they tend to overlook the warning signs but single people always see right through those guys. They try to warn people, but it doesn’t always help.
  2. Terrible relationships totally turn them off. Some people think being in any relationship is better than being alone, but single people know better.
  3. Single people don’t settle. They’re not single because they can’t find someone who wants to be with them, they’re single because they have high standards and they’re sticking to them.
  4. They’ve experienced every type of first date there is to experience. Nothing surprises them anymore because they’ve gone out with every kind of guy that exists.
  5. They’ve been hurt, and they’ve recovered. People who haven’t had their hearts broken don’t have a clue, but single people have the perfect breakup recovery plan down to a science.
  6. Sometimes their friends just need to vent about their relationships. When people are all fired up, sometimes they can’t see or think straight, but single people (as an uninvolved third party) can always see what the real issue is.
  7. They’re all about boundaries. Single people are as open as possible when getting to know people, but they also have clear lines drawn that they won’t just let any man out there cross, and they advise their friends to do the same.
  8. They know better than to resent people who love them. Because let’s be honest, sometimes you’re just looking for somebody to love you. They’ll know what love is when they see it.
  9. They’ve made plenty of mistakes. They’re not proud of how they’ve hurt their exes, but they certainly know better than to make the same mistakes again. Never ever again.
  10. They hang out with other couples all the time. Being the third wheel can have its advantages in that they do a lot of listening to how other couples communicate. Single people’s observation skills are on point.
  11. They can see their friends making bad decisions. They hated to see their bestie trying to change herself for a guy, so they’ve vowed to never let anyone get away with that again.
  12. Single people appreciate sex in a different way. Their coupled up friends spend time trying to avoid certain sex acts, while they cherish every moment in bed.
  13. It can be easier to point other people’s issues than their own. They’re not entirely sure why they can’t get a date, but they can see exactly which one of your friends her walls up too high and why.
  14. They’re not into BS. So their BS meter is prepped and ready and it sounds off on the regular.
  15. Just because they’re single doesn’t mean they always have been. Hell, they might actually have more relationship experience than a lot of people in relationships, anyway.
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