Wifey Material: What Makes A Woman Worth Marrying In A Guy’s Eyes?

You’re looking for a long-term relationship, which means there are certain standards and expectations you uphold when dating. And while you know the kind of guy you want to end up with, how do you know if you’re a guy’s ideal partner? What makes a woman “wifey material”? Read on to find out everything you need to know.

1. You’re loyal and trustworthy.

You respect him too much to ever even think about cheating on him. Not only that, but you have his back without question. You’re on his side no matter what, and you’re always ready to go to bat for him.

2. You don’t judge him for his faults.

He’s not perfect, but no one is. You don’t make him feel bad for the things he lacks. Instead, you highlight all he has to offer.

3. You make him feel safe enough to be vulnerable.

Men sometimes struggle to open up about their deepest thoughts and feelings. However, a woman who’s wifey material makes her guy feel safe and supported. He knows he can share what’s in his head and heart. (If this is something you struggle with, you need to visit our sister site, Sweetn. They have some incredible advice on how to open up and invite love into your life. Check them out here.)

4. You stand by him through good times and bad.

You’re not just there when things are good. Even when they’re really bad, you’re right there by his side. You never waver, and that’s worth so much.

5. You encourage him to pursue his dreams.

No matter what they are, you’re sure he can achieve them. You believe in his potential and his vision, and you make sure to let him know it every day.

6. You help him be the best version of himself.

This is not to say that you change him. That’s never the case. You accept and love him as he is. However, you also know that life is all about growing and evolving, so you do whatever you can to facilitate that in his life.

7. You’re looking for an equal partner, not a sugar daddy.

The idea that women are gold diggers is reductive and completely untrue. However, many men seem to believe otherwise. To be wifey material, he wants to know you care about him rather than his wallet.

8. You get along great with his friends and family.

This is pivotal. There’s no way you can ever get married if you don’t get along with all the people in his life that he loves. Get in good with them and you’re golden.

9. You have a life of your own.

Being together 24/7 isn’t healthy. It’s also not fun. A woman who’s wifey material maintains her independence even in a relationship. She has her own friends, hobbies, and interests. It makes your relationship healthier and stronger.

10. You want him to have his own life too.

You don’t freak out every time he goes out with his boys, texting him every five minutes. You don’t get upset when he wants to hole up in the spare room to play video games all night one night. You get that sometimes he wants to do his own thing and it’s not a problem.

11. You make his needs a priority too.

Getting your needs met is important, of course. However, a woman who’s wifey material makes sure her partner’s needs are taken care of as well. They matter as much as your own rather than coming secondary.

12. You’re kind and considerate to everyone you meet.

No one wants to be with someone who’s rude to waiters. They also don’t want to be with someone who’s stuck up, entitled, or otherwise terrible to be around. Why would they?

13. You’re very maternal.

Yes, it seems silly, but if a man wants kids, he won’t consider a woman wifey material who doesn’t display serious maternal instincts. He wants to envision you as the mother of his future children. If he can’t, it’ll never work.

14. You’ve mastered the art of compromise.

You know that relationships aren’t your way or the highway. You’re willing to compromise sometimes to ensure both parties are happy. You don’t try to manipulate him to bend to your will or guilt-trip him when things don’t go your way.

15. You keep things interesting and exciting in the bedroom.

Yes, intimacy matters. And while you won’t be going at it like rabbits for the rest of your lives, it shouldn’t fall off the map completely. A woman who is wifey material makes connecting in the bedroom important too. She’s open to experimentation and likes pleasing her partner (though not to your own detriment, of course).

16. You’re someone he can’t imagine his future without.

Sometimes a woman who’s wifey material earns that title simply by being herself. There’s something about you that he just can’t resist or do without. Maybe it’s chemistry or perhaps he just realizes how lucky he was to hit the jackpot.

17. You take care of yourself inside and out.

Yes, we mean not “letting yourself go.” Men are often shallow creatures and they like things that look good. Physical attraction is important, so he will want to be with someone who makes an effort with her appearance and takes pride in it. That doesn’t mean you need to be a size 0 supermodel, of course. Plus, internal health is important too. Eating well and exercising as well as practicing self-care are just as vital.

18. You don’t nag him.

Sometimes you have to, of course, when he’s being lazy. However, most men just want to be left to do things on their own timescales. Sigh!

19. You give him love and affection regularly.

This is just as important as physical intimacy, if not more so. You should connect physically outside the bedroom too. A little kiss before leaving for work or a nice long hug when coming home can mean the world to guys too.

20. You do little things to make his life easier.

To be clear, he should be doing the same for you. That being said, going out of your way to do something little to make your partner’s day a little less stressful goes a long way.

21. You make him feel good about himself.

Men like to feel manly and desirable. They like to feel like providers, like they’re strong and capable and you need them. Even if you’re with a guy who’s evolved, this base instinct will be there. Give his ego a boost sometimes and he’ll be putty in your hands.

22. You’re not a doormat.

Wifey material women don’t put up with BS or let anyone walk all over them. You demand respect and consideration and if you’re not getting it, you won’t just let it fly. That’s a wonderful quality to have.

23. You’re secure in who you are.

We all have insecurities, but you shouldn’t expect your partner to solve yours or constantly have to reassure you. They want a woman who has a strong sense of self-worth and won’t compromise it for anyone.

24. You have goals and plans on how to reach them.

There’s so much you want to achieve in life and you’re going to do just that. You’re working towards your goals every single day. You believe in yourself and know you can get where you want to be.

25. You’re devoted to him and the relationship.

You don’t have the urge to throw in the towel at the smallest hiccup. You’re willing to do the work to keep things strong and healthy. You’re in it for the long haul and he knows it.

26. You don’t play childish games.

Games are for the playground and you haven’t been in school for decades. You’re wifey material, so you shoot straight. You say what you mean and mean what you say, and that’s refreshing.

Isn’t this kind of offensive?

Being called “wifey material” may seem like the ultimate compliment to some women. However, for others, it can seem offensive and kind of obnoxious. After all, women don’t exist simply as accessories for men. We have bigger dreams, goals, desires, and purposes than getting married. For women who value their independence and have a strong sense of self, they may balk at the descriptor and even be turned off by it entirely.

However, not all men who describe you as such are old-fashioned misogynists who are looking for a trophy wife. It’s more likely that they mean it in a positive way. They see you as the kind of woman they can imagine spending the rest of their lives with. Of course, it’s not a good thing if the qualities they admire in you are ones that indicate subservience or self-sacrifice. That being said, if a man calls you “wifey material” after telling you how into you he is, he’s likely trying to convey how much he values you.

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