Never Settle—Wait For The Person Who Rises To Your Standards And Meets Your Expectations

It’s good to have standards in love because it keeps you from settling. Don’t let anyone guilt you into thinking you’re setting the bar too high. You’re strong, intelligent and in charge of your own life and you’ll settle down when you’re good and ready because you know they’re the right person for you. Always stay true to what you want from love, no matter what anyone says.

  1. Your standards are unique to you and are completely justified. Everyone has a different idea of what love and the ideal partner looks like to them so don’t let anyone shame you into thinking you’re asking for too much. You’re your own unique person with your own unique life experiences and that informs what kind of person you want. When it comes to love, one size doesn’t fit all.
  2. There’s no apology necessary for knowing what you want. You shouldn’t need to explain yourself to anyone and yet when you’re single for a long time, people around you start to question why and it’s hard to gracefully escape those awkward conversations. In fact, it’s kind of ridiculous that you should have to have those conversations at all. The bottom line is you know yourself and what you want, so stop entertaining anyone who questions you about it.
  3. There’s someone out there who will rise to the occasion. Even if people tell you that your standards sound impossible to meet, tune them out. Rome wasn’t built in a day and lasting love doesn’t happen to everyone overnight. Sure, some are lucky enough to fall into a whirlwind romance having served basically no time in single-girl hell but that’s the exception rather than the rule. Believe it or not, there IS someone out there for you who will walk into your life when he’s supposed to and they’ll blow you away. “The One” is not a myth. It’s not an urban legend. They’re just taking a bit longer to get to you, that’s all.
  4. No, you’re not living in a fairytale. Unless your expectations are Channing Tatum on a white horse carrying a unicorn colored assortment of gold-flecked roses and a carriage hauling all of the latest Sephora must-haves, you’re not living in a fantasy. Wanting someone who treats you well, who you have genuine chemistry with and who shares common morals, interests, and life goals isn’t a far cry from what you deserve. Just keep being your amazing self, and you’ll get there.
  5. Playing ridiculous dating games isn’t your thing. A lot of people will give you terrible advice on how to get someone to stay interested and in your life, but do you really want that to be your story? If you hate the dating games and are sick of playing them, simply don’t. With the right person, none of that crap matters. They’ll text you back in decent time because they want to. They’ll make plans with you because they enjoy your company. They’ll stay in your life because they genuinely like you, and why wouldn’t they? You’re a badass babe who stays true to herself.
  6. You’re doing completely fine on your own. Look around you at your life—the life you built for yourself, the career you earned on your own, the home you made on your own, the hobbies you came into because you enjoy them. It’s all you and you’re doing just fine. A dream love is just a bonus accessory for your already well-decorated life.
  7. Some people are just jealous that your possibilities are still endless. Sometimes certain people in your life can be complete downers when they judge the way you handle your search for love, but pay no attention to their negativity. Some people have settled in love. Some people are jealous of your position. You might be the single one and it might make you feel like the odd person out but the beauty of your situation is that your love story is still waiting to be written. You still get to have all of those firsts with the love of your life and that’s pretty exciting.
  8. You’re not willing to settle for mediocre. If a mediocre, good-enough love interested you, you would have it but there’s a reason you’re still single right now. There’s a reason you haven’t had that core shaking love sweep you off your feet yet. It’s because you have standards and aren’t interested in being stuck in some crappy, sub-par relationship with someone who annoys you more often than excites you. Be proud of the path you’ve chosen because it only demonstrates your strength.
  9. You love yourself enough to have patience and wait. Being single doesn’t mean you’re hard to love or that you’re a bottom-of-the-barrel leftover that nobody wants. Even though the great catches get fewer and far in between as we grow older, it doesn’t mean that you should pool yourself with the duds that are unfortunately out there in the land of modern dating. You’re single simply because you love yourself enough to wait until it’s right and until you meet the person who is truly meant for you. It’s really that simple.
  10. It’s your damn life. It’s no one else’s business to dissect why you’re still single and why you have bad luck in love. You’re staying true to what you want from love and no one has the right to tell you otherwise.