Will He Ever Be My Boyfriend? Signs You’re Headed For A Relationship

Will he ever be my boyfriend? When you’re dating someone and things are going well, it’s pretty hard not to let yourself get carried away fantasizing about the future with him. However, it’s prudent to hold back a bit until you know that he’s on the same page. If you really want to make things official with him but can’t help wondering if it will ever happen, here are some signs that you’re on the right track.

  1. He smiles at you constantly. There is nothing purer than someone who loves to smile (both at you and in general). This is particularly true if they aren’t normally a smiler, but you’re the exception. That’s always an ego boost. It also proves that you’re special to them. The physical reaction and the returning smile is such a simple gesture but it goes a long way. You will remember his smiles long after they actually happen, and they’ll mean the world to you.
  2. He asks you questions. We’re not just talking “how was your day, babe?” but real, meaningful questions. Questions that get you looking inwardly and reflecting on whether you truly know yourself or not. He’s someone that you can see growing with and making mistakes alongside. The fact that he’s interested in you and your personality is a strong indicator that he will commit soon. Just hang tight. He’s probably just overthinking it, trying to make it perfect because that’s how much he cares about you.
  3. He asks to meet your parents. If you’re wondering will he ever be my boyfriend? then look no further than the answer to this question. We love a guy who is unself-conscious and likes to initiate stages in the relationship. He wants to get to know the people who are important to you and he makes no bones about that fact. Indeed, he doesn’t care about playing games or trying to elicit a reaction from you. You’re both adults and you’re honest with each other. That’s when you know you’re on a course for a relationship. He’s mature and kind, and doesn’t pretend to be otherwise just because it seems “cooler.” You know he knows better.
  4. He loves your friends. It’s 2022, guys. I have no time for the immature boyfriend that claims to hate all your friends for no reason. In fact, the reason is probably just thinly veiled misogyny. All this to say, you get the best of both worlds by introducing all the people who influence you together. That’s a really wholesome way to spend an afternoon – onboarding your boyfriend. When it’s real, you won’t be stressed. You trust everyone to be on their best behavior.
  5. He doesn’t make you chase him. No one is in middle school here. You both know that if you want to make a relationship work, you have to claim it. We have limited time on this earth. Who has the time to pretend you don’t like someone? As long as you’re honest with him, he will offer the same in return. He lives by his own code, which isn’t a version of toxic masculinity, and he talks about things that are bothering him, rather than projecting it on the relationship. Rather than making you chase him, he comes to you.
  6. You feel comfortable with him. Safety and security in a relationship aren’t bland either. Do not confuse the two. In fact, I would say that I’m more likely to be adventurous and spontaneous when I feel safe in a relationship. You won’t hit a rut when you’re committed because you have a healthy foundation and good communication channels to resolve issues. Just because he hasn’t said the words just yet, doesn’t mean that he isn’t just about to knock you off your feet.
  7. Your friends are jealous. They know you best and they’re the most merciless metric by which to judge your relationship. It also means that when you’re in, you’re in. He knows the value of appealing to the people who are important to you. You’re well past the talking stage here – you’re dating.
  8. He makes you want to be better. You feel like the best version of yourself with him. But, crucially, you still have a well-rounded friend group and do other things without him. That’s the perfect balance and shows that you’re in a really healthy situation. You’re in a relationship in everything but name, essentially.
  9. He’s not seeing anyone else. While there’s no guarantee that he’s going to be your boyfriend just because you’re the only woman he’s seeing, it does bode well. After all, it means he’s not actively looking for anyone else to date and he’s invested enough in you that you’re the only one he wants to focus on. All signs are headed towards a real relationship.
  10. You’re plastered all over his social media. Happy couples don’t need to be posting #thisone #totalbae selfies nonstop, but if you’re a huge part of someone’s life, it would only make sense that you’d appear from time to time on their social media accounts. If he’s happy to post couple selfies on his Instagram when you go out for the night, he’s obviously happy for people to know he’s with you.
  11. He remembers when your birthday is. This is a small and seemingly insignificant detail but it makes a big difference. If he wasn’t into you and wasn’t going to become your boyfriend, why would he need to remember that info? Your birthday becoming an important date in his life means you’re important to him.
  12. He doesn’t run at the first sign of trouble. If things go wrong or you get into a disagreement, he doesn’t head for the hills. Instead, he has the emotional intelligence to actually communicate with you like an adult to resolve the issue so that you can move forward together. If he wasn’t going to become your boyfriend, he’d head for the hills and not bother. The fact that he wants to resolve problems means he’s invested.
  13. He opens up to you. If you really want to get to know someone, you need to know what makes them tick. You need to know where they come from, what they’re like deep down. You need to see parts of them that they don’t show to the wider world. If he’s willing to open up and let you in, he feels safe being vulnerable with you and that means he cares. A lot.
  14. He doesn’t shy away from being affectionate. It’s not just when he wants to have sex or when you’re in the middle of the act that he shows affection. He’s been known to grab your hand while you’re walking down the street or to give you a peck while you’re out at the bar. It feels amazing.
  15. He’s jealous of other guys. While he manages to keep his jealousy under control, you can’t help but notice that he’s less than happy when other guys are talking to you. He knows you’re a catch and worries that someone else might scoop you up. Looks like he’d better hurry up and make things official soon!
  16. You know you can rely on him. He’s consistent and never goes hot and cold. He keeps his word and treats you with the exact same level of courtesy, respect, and care every single day, no matter what else is going on in his life. It seems pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point that he’s going to be your boyfriend.

Don’t worry – if you pass half of these standards, you’re well on your way to a fulfilling and fun relationship with a nice guy. Just be patient – or, ask him yourself!

Hannah has a Masters degree in Romantic and Victorian literature in Scotland and spends her spare time writing anything from essays to short fiction about the life and times of the frogs in her local pond! She loves musical theatre, football, anything with potatoes, and remains a firm believer that most of the problems in this world can be solved by dancing around the kitchen to ABBA. You can find her on Instagram at @_hannahvic.