Will He Ever Like Me? How To Tell If There’s Relationship Potential

Maybe you have a bit of a crush on a guy in your friend group or even a male colleague (not your boss, hopefully!) but you have no idea where his head is at. You end up agonizing over his feelings or lack thereof, wondering, “Will he ever like me?” While it’s hard to know without coming out and discussing your feelings with him directly, here are some questions to ask yourself to determine whether or not there is relationship potential there.

  1. Does he initiate contact regularly? Is it always you who texts or calls first? When you’re in the same place, do you go over to him all the time to drum up conversation, or is the effort a little more equal? It should go without saying that there’s probably not much potential for a relationship if you’re doing all the chasing rather than him showing interest as well.
  2. Does he go out of his way to touch you when you’re together? Sure, maybe he’s just a touchy-feely person, but it generally bodes well when a guy goes out of his way to be physically close to you when you’re together. If he touches your arm regularly, leans in closer to you, puts his hand on your leg (in a non-creepy way, of course), or any other physical gestures, he may be feeling more than friendly with you.
  3. Is he single? This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself when considering whether or not there is relationship potential there. If he’s already in a relationship or even in a situationship with someone else, it’s not going to work. Do not get involved in anyone else’s drama, and definitely don’t get tangled up with someone who’s not actually available.
  4. Does he take an interest in your dating life? Does he ask questions about your love life like who you’re dating or, if you did go on a date with someone, how it went and if you like him/plan on seeing him again? Chances are, he’s got some kind of romantic feelings for you. Guys don’t generally care about who a woman is dating unless they wish they were dating her, you get me?
  5. Does he call you “bro” or say you’re like a sister to him? This is a harsh reality to face, but if the guy refers to you as his “bro” or always mentions how much you remind him of his sister, he’s making it pretty clear that you’re platonic and that’s it. In this case, you might as well resign yourself to staying in the friend zone.
  6. Do you ever feel like he’s flirting with you? There’s definitely relationship potential with a guy who’s flirty more often than not. Maybe he just makes little remarks about how hot you look or how you’d make a great girlfriend or something. Maybe he just seems extra coy around you and genuinely flirty. Whatever the case, guys don’t do this if they see you strictly as a friend.
  7. Do your friends think he’s into you? I’m definitely not saying you should listen exclusively to your friends when it comes to figuring out a guy’s romantic intentions or lack thereof. However, if it’s obvious to them that he’s into you, there may be something there. It’s up to you to figure out if they’re right.
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