This Wine Bottle Christmas Tree Is A Boozy Holiday Dream

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means Christmas is just behind it. It’s time to start spreading the holiday cheer by putting up your decorations. While classic Christmas trees with glittery ornaments and loads of candy canes and garland are beautiful in their own way, why not consider having a wine bottle Christmas tree this year?

It’s a tree made of wine bottles! It doesn’t look like the owner discriminates on what kind either, meaning no matter if you love Pinot Grigio or Cabernet Sauvignon, you’ll probably find a bottle there, all combined into one beautifully seasonal tree that’s probably the most unique centerpiece you’ll ever see.

Time to pack your bags! This wine bottle tree was actually found at The Vineyard Hotel and Spa in Newbury, England. The owner puts the tree up every year as he owns vineyards in California and feels really passionate about the drink. It’ll be going up again at the end of November, so you still have time to book a trip

You could always try to make one yourself… You’ll likely need a bit of help from someone with some handyman skills, but assuming someone like that exists (or you’re one of them), you can totally make your own wine bottle Christmas tree. Then, of course, you’d need to host a major party because you would obviously need everyone to come over and admire it!

It’ll probably take a lot of bottles, of course… You might need to crowdsource help from your family, friends, or local recycling bins to get a hold of all the bottles you’ll need to create a big wine bottle tree, but a little dumpster diving will be worth it if it ends up looking as amazing as this one, right?

This is definitely the most perfect Christmas decoration. It’s unique, funny, yet still clearly seasonal and gets people talking. What more can you hope for over the holidays? Merry Christmas!

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