Woman Adds Credit Score To Dating Profile And Is Shocked By The Reaction She Gets

Dating apps are a minefield, and desperate singles are willing to do anything and everything to up their chances of finding a decent partner. That’s maybe why TikToker @spreadsheetshan decided to add her credit score to her Hinge profile. Her excellent score of 804 is undoubtedly bragworthy, but she never expected the response she got.

Shan uploaded a screenshot of her score from CreditWise, curious to see how that would affect the quality of responses she received from guys. It wasn’t long before they started pouring in, and Shan was shocked at some of what she was reading.

“All I needed to see. Drinks next Thursday?” one guy named Aaron messaged. A dude named Kai responded, “Holy shit, marry me.” A third guy named Michael just seemed amused, commenting, “Hahaha. Great flex.” Griffin was the same, saying, “I’m cracking tf up.”

@spreadsheetshan tiktok comments @spreadsheetshan TikTok/@spreadsheetshan

There were even more guys who reached out, either to laugh at Shan’s inclusion of her credit score on her dating profile or to say they were “aroused” or in the same position. Regardless, it didn’t seem to bring in any better prospects.

However, the most interesting responses to Shan’s decision have come from fellow women who didn’t think putting your credit score on your dating profile is a good idea because it’s likely to appear as a free meal ticket for broke dudes.

“My credit score is 829 but I feel like that would attract all the broke guys,” one woman wrote. Another agreed, saying, “I just know if I did this it’d attract scrubs.” However, those who weren’t in the same position as Shan admitted they were too embarrassed to upload their own score, with one woman joking, “Girl if they saw my credit score I’d be blocked.”

@spreadsheetshan tiktok commentsTikTok/@spreadsheetshan

However, it’s important to note that Shan only uploaded the screenshot temporarily as a form of research. As she told Buzzfeed: “I had the idea of adding my credit score to my Hinge because I wanted my profile to stand out and attract guys with similar priorities. I felt like a guy that would find my credit score impressive, would also be someone that prioritized his finances.”


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