Woman Bit Off Ex’s Tongue During ‘Last Kiss’ Moments After He Broke Up With Her

A Spanish woman has been arrested for allegedly biting off her ex-boyfriend’s tongue and spitting it on the floor only moments after he broke up with her. Adaia López Esteve, from Barcelona, is said to have asked the unnamed man for a “last kiss” after he ended their relationship, at which point she is said to have chomped down on his tongue and severed it from his mouth, The Sun reports. Now, she’ll go on trial for the crime.

  1. The couple had only been dating for two months. The pair met online in December and only dated until February, when the man broke up with her because he was “fed up of Esteve’s mood swings.”
  2. They got back together a little while later. After that first breakup, Esteve and the man did rekindle their romance for a short period, but it wasn’t long before things went wrong again – about four months – and the man ended the relationship for a second time. This time, Esteve didn’t take the news very well.
  3. Esteve was furious at the breakup. According to reports, Esteve initially stormed out of the apartment when the man told her it was over, only to come back and apologize for her earlier behavior. It was then that she hugged the man and asked him for “one last kiss,” only to bite his tongue off in the process. El Taquigrafo claims that she then spit the tongue onto the floor, leaving the man screaming and in pain.
  4. A neighbor heard the man screaming and came to his aid. He was rushed to a local hospital, where doctors were thankfully able to stop the bleeding. Soon after, Esteve was arrested, though she refused to give police a statement at the time of the arrest.
  5. Esteve will face charges at Barcelona Provincial Court. She claims that she is innocent in all of this and that she never bit off her ex’s tongue. In fact, she claims he was the one who was abusive. Now, it’s up to a court to decide who was telling the truth. If found guilty, she faces up to eight years in prison.
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