Woman Busts Boyfriend At Strip Club, Hops On Stage In Bra And Panties To Dance Herself

A woman who busted her sleazy ex-boyfriend at a strip club gave him a show he’d never forget when she hopped on stage to do some exotic dancing of her own. Mom of two Missy Peterson shocked the guy, who she’d been dating for two years, when she stepped on stage with 7-inch platform heels and a pink lace thong.


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  1. Missy recounted the story on her TikTok page. The 40-year-old revealed that she’d put a tracker on the boyfriend’s car and found that he’d been going to the strip club behind her back. Thankfully, the girls who work there decided to help her get sweet revenge on him and got her ready for her big moment on stage.
  2. Why was she snooping to begin with? In case you think Missy was being unreasonable and stalkerish with her now-ex-boyfriend Matthew, it’s important to note that he had a history of being “deceitful.” While he openly admitted to her that he used to go to strip clubs to buy lap dances and have sex with the women there, he promised he would stop going altogether so that they could proceed with their relationship.
  3. Matthew started disappearing a lot. There came a time when Missy wouldn’t hear from Matthew for days at a time, so she put on a Matracker, a $100 GPS locator, on his car. It revealed the truth of where Matthew had been all along. “When I saw that he was at a strip club, I grabbed a brown wig and the stripper shoes I keep in my closet and went to the club,” she told the New York Post.
  4. Missy persuaded the bouncer to let her into the club. Once there, she spoke to some of the dancers and they came mto her rescue. “They were like, ‘Oh my God, you have to get onstage, it will be hilarious,'” Missy recalled. She went on to say that the dancers invited her backstage and “gave me an outfit to wear, a 20-minute [tutorial] on how to work the stage and a drink.” It wasn’t long before she was giving it her all on stage to a Rihanna remix.
  5. Matthew was shocked to see Missy onstage. Not only was he not expecting to see her there, he was actually angry at her! “He was in absolute shock when he saw me. He was really pissed. But I didn’t care, I went to all the other guys, danced in front of them and collect their money,” she said. After dancing around for a long while avoiding the pole and lap dances, she collected her $100 in tips, gave her ex the finger, and walked away from him for good.
  6. Her ex has been trying to get her back. According to Missy, not only was she offered a job at the strip club (which the real estate agent politely declined) but her ex has been trying to get her back and has been calling her “10 times a day from blocked numbers.” Looks like that’s his loss!
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