Woman Who Was Dating A Ghost Says He’s ‘Ghosted’ Her Since She Went Public With Their Relationship

Woman Who Was Dating A Ghost Says He’s ‘Ghosted’ Her Since She Went Public With Their Relationship ITV/This Morning

A British woman who claimed she was in a romantic relationship with a ghost has now said that her paranormal lover has “ghosted” her after she went public with their story. Brocarde, 38, is a singer and songwriter from Oxfordshire and appeared on ITV’s This Morning last week to talk about her romance with ghost boyfriend Edwardo. However, she believes telling everyone about their passionate bond has led to him giving her the cold shoulder and ignoring her ever since.

  1. She’s literally being ghosted by a ghost. As she told the Mirror, “Edwardo seems furious with me since I’ve gone public with our romance – he’s gone completely cold. Usually his presence surrounds me with a warmth but now a cold breeze follows me around the house.” Nothing different has been going on since her TV appearance, so she believes that’s what must be behind Edwardo’s disappearing act.
  2. The whole house is freezing and it’s running Brocarde’s heating bill up. She went on to say that the coldness left behind by Edwardo is literal, not figurative, and it’s meant she’s had to take extra measures to warm things up. “He’s costing me a fortune in heating, even with a fire roaring and the thermostat on full blast it’s like the Antarctic – I’ve had to resort to sleeping in a ski suit and a bobble hat and when he touches me it feels like shards of ice piercing my soul,” she said.
  3. Edwardo has left an “unsettling vibe” behind. Brocarde described it as feeling “like death,” adding that she assumes her lover is so angry with her that “maybe I’m just dead to him.”
  4. To be fair, it didn’t happen out of nowhere. Brocarde said that just after her TV appearance, the words “I’m Gone” appeared in the steam on the shower door. Not only that, but he’s even bordering on aggressive now. “I can sense his anger. I’ve felt myself being pushed across the room and he’s pushed me to the floor on one occasion,” she revealed. “I’ve tried to communicate with him via candlelight but he no longer flickers the flame – it just blows out.”
  5. Brocarde isn’t ready to give up on their love just yet. She knows that they had a good thing going so she has a plan to win Edwardo back. “Halloween is like Valentine’s Day for spirits so I’m going to write a song and perform it to Edwardo on the evening of Halloween. I’m going to light a hundred candles and scatter rose petals, I may even cook him some typical Victorian dishes to win back his heart – maybe some sheep’s trotters or a boiled calf’s head, if I can find that in my local supermarket,” she said. She added that she might have to resort to “something more simple like a stew or a soup” though she’s aware that his non-physical body means “it will pass straight through him.” Good luck, Brocarde!

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