Woman ‘Felt Ugly’ In Australia Because Men Don’t Buy Her Drinks Like They Do In America

An American woman who recently moved to Melbourne, Australia has admitted that she struggled with the Aussie dating scene when she first arrived. In fact, the absence of one particular custom left her feeling ugly and unwanted until she realized that it was actually totally normal. As it turns out, guys Down Under don’t buy girls drinks at bars the way they do here.

  1. Tate (@twaynne) often shares the various culture shocks she’s experienced in Australia on her TikTok account. In one video, she revealed that Australian men are a little too laid-back for her tastes at times and it was difficult to adjust to.
  2. Men just weren’t approaching her in public. “Australian men just sit back, and I think it’s so weird,” she said in the clip. “At first, I felt like I was so ugly, and I couldn’t understand why lots of men weren’t approaching me.” She didn’t realize that guys there are just different and that it wasn’t a reflection on her.
  3. Admittedly, American men can be “too aggressive.” However, it still felt weird to Tate when she went out soon after moving to Australia and got literally no male attention. “One of the first nights I went out in Australia, I left the bar feeling so defeated,” she recalled. “In America, it is very common for men to approach you and offer to buy you a drink Sometimes, it’s too aggressive.”
  4. Tate wasn’t used to paying for her own drinks. She admitted to being “shocked” by the difference in approach since she rarely had to pay for drinks at bars when she was back in America. “There were times I’d go out in America and wouldn’t even bring my wallet or card or anything because we would scheme, scam, and look for men,” she joked.
    “Everyone would do this, it was such a cultural norm. The guys wouldn’t expect anything for it – most of the time you wouldn’t get guys who were berating you for not giving them something afterwards.”
  5. She’s learned to gel with the Aussie style now that she’s been there a little longer. It may have taken Tate a while to get down with the cultural differences, but now she feels more in tune with what’s going on. However, it was a hard lesson to learn. “It’s so different here. Men kind of sit back, let you approach them more, and they’re not as aggressive with it,” she admitted. “After one of the first few times I went out, I felt like I was so ugly, I was like ‘Why are these guys not approaching me?’ She added: “That sounds very conceited, but going from what I know, I just thought it was so weird that guys weren’t approaching any girls.” Leaving your hometown comes with a whole lot of change, doesn’t it?

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