Woman Getting Her Lashes Done For Her Birthday Gets Entire Eyelid Ripped Off By Technician’s Chihuahua

A woman who was celebrating her birthday and decided to get her lashes done in time for her party found herself the victim of a vicious attack by an out-of-control chihuahua instead. Kelsey Salmon from Atlanta had been looking forward to getting lash extensions for her celebration and an upcoming trip to Hawaii but couldn’t find a technician to perform the procedure in time. She eventually did on Instagram, but the 23-year-old now says she’s never regretted a decision more.


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  1. The chihuahua attacked Salmon unprovoked. After the lash extension procedure was complete, the chihuahua lunged at Salmon, ripping off her entire eyelid in a horrific attack. Not only were there no signs that this might happen, Salmon was even more surprised as she had happily been petting the dog when she first arrived at the technician’s apartment. She told Inside Edition: “It happened so fast I didn’t know what he grabbed,” she told Inside Edition. “It was shock and adrenaline mixed. But blood started pouring from my face.”
  2. Understandably, Salmon is now calling it the “worst lash experience.” Sharing her experience in a TikTok video, Salmon said it was the “worst lash experience” and that the injury she’s left with is major. “No eyelid. Can’t even close my eye. Yeah, that’s me. Literally, no eyelid,” she said, showing images of the wounds.
  3. Salmon spent 15 hours in the emergency room. She underwent an emergency procedure to reattach her ripped eyelid and had to have her entire eye sewn shut for roughly two weeks in order to allow it to begin to heal. However, she knows how lucky she is to have an eyelid at all. That being said, she was told that it could take up to a year for her to make a full recovery.
  4. The technician is taking no responsibility for what happened. Not only has the dog’s owner not reached out to see how Salmon is getting on but she actually blocked her from being able to contact her.
  5. Now, Salmon is thinking of filing a lawsuit. She wants the technician to cover her medical bills, which could cost up to $30,000. “I’ve not heard from her at all, the last I knew she’s blocked me, so she’s not reached out or checked in on me at all,” Salmon said, as per the NY Post. “If my dog bit someone’s eyelid off, I would one hundred percent be checking in on them every day. It’s pretty heartless to not even care to ask how I’m doing. She added that she doesn’t think the technician should even be doing lashes anymore.
  6. Salmon doesn’t know how she feels about the dog being put down. She said she’s “super iffy about it” because she considers herself an animal lover but she also worried what might happen if the dog bit someone else. In the meantime, the dog was put in quarantine and checked for rabies.

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