Woman Who Murdered Lottery Millionaire Says Jackpot Winners Should Stay Anonymous

A Florida woman who murdered a lottery jackpot winner says all future winners should stay anonymous if they don’t want a target on their backs. The state governor is considering a law that would keep winners’ names secret and Dorice “Dee Dee” Donegan Moore is a major supporter of the proposal. Makes sense given that she actually killed a man for his lottery millions.

  1. Dee Dee is a cold-blooded killer. Back in 2009, she befriended a man who won $30 million on the lottery, scammed him out of his money, and then killed him before burying his body under a concrete patio.
  2. Abraham Lee Shakespeare’s life was changed by the win. He was doing odd jobs for money and borrowed a couple bucks frm his friend to buy a lottery ticket in November 2006. That ended up being a major win for him and he picked up the $30 million jackpot. That equalled a $17 million lump sum or $1 million a year for 30 years. He chose to get his prize money all at once.
  3. Shakespeare was pretty conservative when it came to spending. He got himself a house, a mid-sized car, and a Rolex but didn’t go crazy wasting all the cash. He was upset by all the people asking for free cash, saying at the time: “They don’t take no for an answer.”
  4. Then Dee Dee came along. She somehow convinced him to start a businesss with her, then took $1 million from the company’s account to buy two luxury cars and an exotic vacation. By November 2009, Shakespeare’s family hadn’t seen him in months and decided to report him missing.
  5. Dee Dee had taken over Shakespeare’s life. By the time he was reported missing, Dee Dee was living in his house, using his phone to convince other people that he was alive. However, alarm bells were raised by the texts he was sending since Shakespeare couldn’t read or write.
  6. She tried to bribe his ex-girlfriend. Dee Dee offered one of Shakespeare’s exes a $200,000 house if she told police that she’d seen him alive recently. Dee Dee herself told police that she was in Shakespeare’s house and had all his assets because she’d bought them from him in cash. She even paid one of his friends to call Shakespeare’s mother pretending to be the man himself.
  7. Eventually, Dee Dee was foiled. When Shakespeare’s friend, Mike Smith, began working with police, they came up with a plan. He told Dee Dee he’d take the rap for the murder in exchange for $50,000 but would need to know where the body was. She showed him – under a patio at the house – and even gave him the .38 Smith and Wesson revolver she killed Shakespeare with. While she pleaded not guilty in court, she was found guilty of murder and will spend the rest of her life in prison.
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