Woman Slammed For Packing Her Boyfriend’s Lunch Every Day ‘Like He’s An 8-Year-Old Child’

An Australian TikToker has drawn criticism online for revealing that she packs her boyfriend’s lunch every day. Kiara Wood-Lowe, from Perth, posted a video on the social media site showing herself putting together the different elements of her boyfriend’s packed meal, from chips and fruit to yogurt, cheese, and crackers. While she thought it was a sweet gesture, some commenters weren’t so impressed.



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  1. Who doesn’t like to take care of their partner? Regardless of gender or age, it’s nice to do thoughtful, caring things for your other half to make their life easier and their day brighter. Kiara feels like putting together some nice snacks and a good meal for her boyfriend before he goes out for the day is just something sweet to do, and frankly, I agree.
  2. So many people were NOT feeling it. While you would think everyone would see the sweetness in Kiara’s gesture, in fact, many people slammed her for treating him “like he’s her child” and insisted that she should never go to such lengths for a grown man who’s fully capable of making his own meals. I’m capable of running my bath at night but my partner does it for me because it’s just a nice thing to do. What’s wrong with these people?
  3. It was hardly labor-intensive. While Kiara did pack a pretty banging lunch for her boyfriend full of a nice variety of treats, it’s not something that took hours off her day or kept her from living her own life. It was simply a nice, thoughtful thing to do that took a few minutes at most. If you’re not willing to do something like this for the person you’re in a relationship with, I would NOT want to be dating you!
  4. Kiara doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. In response to the haters, Kiara said: “I make my partner’s lunch because I make my own at the same time so why not. At least then I know what he is eating and that he is eating quality food that is going to give him energy to last through the day because he works hard. He needs quality food not a chicken cheese sausage from the lunch bar. I mean they’re great but not practical.” Don’t even explain yourself, girl. Some of us understand (and aren’t going to be perpetually single because we’re selfish).

To all the Karen’s… yes I forgot his actual lunch last time 😅 but he had plenty of sneks to keep him going! Boy gotta eat @jackchabriere #lunchbox

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