Woman Stabs High Heel Through Her Foot While Running Away From Giant Spider

I don’t know anyone who particularly loves spiders, but some people are downright terrified of them. Alyssa Lambert can count herself among the latter party, and her fear of the crawlies recently led to her being hospitalized, but not for the reason you think. The Australian wasn’t bitten by a poisonous spider or anything, she actually stabbed the heel of her shoe through her foot while trying to run away from the arachnid!

  1. The large huntsman spider was on the ceiling of her bedroom. While seeing a huntsman isn’t all that rare in Sydney (or much of Australia), 25-year-old Alyssa said she was “freaked out” when she noticed it hanging out on her bedroom ceiling. She immediately ran to get some bug spray and stood on her bed to spray it (though I hasten to add she could have just collected the spider and let it outside since they’re totally harmless and great for getting rid of actual pests).
  2. The spider allegedly “lurched” at Alyssa. After she sprayed the bug killer, Alyssa said the spider fell towards her, leading her to jump off of her bed and straight onto the heel of one of her shoes on her bedroom floor.
  3. Alyssa had to call for an ambulance. As you can imagine, stabbing the heel of your shoe is pretty painful. “I freaked. I yelled out to my housemate and she called an ambulance. I was in pure shock and shaking – and then the pain started to settle in,” she told the Daily Mail. She tried to get her roommate to take the heel out, but the roommate wasn’t feeling it and chose to call for help instead.
  4. Emergency workers rushed Alyssa to the hospital. The paramedics were able to wrap her foot to secure it before putting her into an ambulance and taking her for help. After an X-Ray, it was discovered that the 1.5cm heel had gone into her foot 4.5cm deep and she would need surgery. Ouch!
  5. Hospital employees were shocked by the injury. “Everyone at the hospital was just so amazed that I managed to puncture my foot with a heel that thick,” Alyssa recalled. “They were like ‘well done, you’ve done a good job.'”
  6. Thankfully, the surgery was a success and Alyssa is on the mend. She returned home on crutches but should be able to start walking again soon, much to her relief.

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