10 Things Women Who Love Canceling Plans Know To Be True

Is there anything better than hanging out on your couch in ripped sweatpants, eating pizza and binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix for the 20th time? Well, yeah—doing just that when you’re supposed to be doing anything else. Here are 10 other things you can probably relate to if you love canceling plans.

  1. Leaving the house is hard. Seriously, I mean, you were already out there and you just came back, so why do you have to do it all over again? You’re already comfortable and it’s so cold/hot/rainy/cloudy/whatever out there. No thank you.
  2. Showering, doing your hair, putting on makeup, and getting dressed is exhausting. It takes, like, at least an hour! You’re in your PJs and quite comfortable that way, so the thought of getting in the shower, drying off, standing in front of the mirror to put makeup on, doing your hair, and then picking an outfit and putting it on? You’ll be asleep before you even make it out the front door.
  3. There’s nothing like sinking into the you-shaped imprint in the couch all night long. You and your couch (or bed) just fit. It really is a match made in heaven. The cushions/springs surround you in all the right places in all the best ways and the thought of leaving that behind, even for a few hours, is torturous.
  4. You’re not bothered by a friend asking for a raincheck, you’re grateful. Hearing the text message ding from a friend asking if you can reschedule your hangout doesn’t piss you off or annoy you; on the contrary, you could kiss her you’re so happy. You immediately stop getting ready (if you ever started) and resume your lounging routine. Ah, heaven.
  5. You own more loungewear than real clothes. Who wouldn’t want to be comfortable? The fact that a huge portion of your closet is full of leggings, oversized sweatshirts, and comfy t-shirts isn’t shameful, it’s common sense. Why would you want to hang around your own house in stuffy, tight clothes? This velour tracksuit will do just nicely, thank you.
  6. You had every intention of actually following through with your plans when you made them, but then you got comfortable… You don’t make plans with people with the intention of flaking out last-minute. When you agree to go somewhere with someone, it’s because you’re truly psyched about it in the moment. It’s just that when it actually comes down to it, staying at home sounds so much better…
  7. The friends who are worthwhile will always understand. Sure, your friends sometimes get mildly annoyed when you cancel plans, but mostly they’re on the same page as you—especially because you tend to have a tribe of women who appreciate the joys of doing the same. They know that if something really important were to come up and if they actually needed you, you’d be there in two seconds flat. They don’t sweat the small stuff (at least you hope not).
  8. I mean, they’re always welcome to come over to your place if they want! Just because you don’t feel like going out doesn’t mean you’re being antisocial, you’re just comfortable at home. Plans to hit the bar or go to the movies often ends up with you extending an invite for your friend to swing by your place instead. Isn’t that better anyway?
  9. People are actually shocked when you turn up when you say you will. When you actually do motivate yourself enough to show up to an event you said you’d attend, your friends are flabbergasted. It’s a truly momentous occasion, like a blue moon or a volcanic eruption.
  10. You can’t help it—you just love staying in. You don’t really get anyone who doesn’t, to be honest. Your home is your sanctuary, the place where you can be comfy, cozy, and not give AF about anything at all. Who wouldn’t love being there all the time?
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