What Women Who Are Single AF Look For In Relationships

When you’re single AF, it means you’ve probably been rolling solo for what seems like forever and you’re beyond comfortable with it. However, even if you’ve mastered the art of being on your own, you still want love in your life. The right person for you needs to possess certain qualities before you’ll leave the single life behind:

  1. Stability. When you’re single AF and have been for a while long time, you probably have an amazing life you built all for yourself. This means you’ve got a career going, a place to call home, and a sense of overall stability. You want someone who’s on the same level as you, which is completely fair. Dating someone with no job stability or someone who still lives in his mom’s basement just doesn’t appeal.
  2. Genuine intentions. You want someone who’s equally as interested in having an actual relationship as you are. None of this “I’m just seeing what’s out there” or “I’m not looking for anything serious” nonsense we’re faced with so often in the modern dating world. You’ll only make room for someone who knows what they want,  because quite frankly, wasting your time on a gamble isn’t worth the frustration.
  3. Someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Being super single comes with a lot of ups and downs and you learned how to laugh at yourself a long time ago. You want someone who’s able to make fun of themselves when absurdities and quirks come to light, and not someone who’s so serious or worried about showing their flaws and vulnerabilities. Quite frankly, trying to be perfect is just plain boring and you gave up on that a long time ago.
  4. Comic relief. Someone who can not only laugh at himself but can make you laugh is so important. You didn’t spend all this time on your own to be in a relationship that’s just mundane and cookie cutter. Love to you is so much more than a Nicholas Sparks movie. It’s more like an episode of The Mindy Project. You want to be having fun, too.
  5. Common morality. At a certain point, you’ve realized how much more important it is to be with someone who shares your major morals and beliefs. Of course, differences are still welcome, but leaving your single life will take much more than just a handsome face and chemistry. You want someone you can stay up all night talking with and someone who shares similar life goals. If you’re going to be on this journey together, you’d rather it’s with someone you’ll get along with for the long haul.
  6. Excitement with a chill factor. The truth is that being single AF can become pretty routine, so for you to be intrigued enough to date someone, you need adventure and excitement. You want to leave the house for purpose and embark on experiences that will change your life. However, you also want someone who will curl up on the couch with you and watch a ton of Netflix or a movie after a day filled with fun.
  7. Real affection. You’ve gone long periods of time without intimacy and affection, so a relationship that makes you feel alive and adored is the only thing you’ll settle for. You want someone who will kiss you when you least expect it and cuddle with you for hours at night. You no longer want to just hook up; you want to feel real love, and nothing else interests you.
  8. Total kindness. You’ve probably seen your fair share of douchebags in previous relationships and in the dating world at large. Now, kindness sticks out in your mind as being an absolute must have. Who wants to be with a mean spirited jerk, anyway?
  9. Someone who will shake your core. Let’s be honest, being single AF means you’re perfectly content with spending sometimes an entire weekend in your PJs. If you get into a relationship, you want that feeling that will shake your core — someone who will inspire you and make you want to be better than you ever imagined you could be. Someone who makes you feel not just special, but alive with anticipation of every day ahead. And until that time comes, you won’t settle for anything less.