I Won’t Hide My Crazy To Make Him Like Me

I Won’t Hide My Crazy To Make Him Like Me ©iStock/Sanne Berg

I’m a little louder than I should be, I won’t let my food touch on my plate, and I flip out if anyone insults my favorite celebrity. Some men won’t like that, but I don’t give a damn. I won’t hide my crazy to make anyone like me.

  1. I want him to like every side of me. I don’t want him to like the sweet side of me, but hate the annoying never-shuts-the-hell-up side of me. He should love my flaws as much as my strengths. That’s what being a couple is all about.
  2. I don’t want to be anything like my exes. I’ve been screwed over by liars in the past. That’s why I don’t want to trick a guy, even if it feels like I’m lying for the right reasons. It would make me feel like a scumbag.
  3. We’re all crazy in our own ways. He can’t judge me for crying at commercials and getting pissed at crappy season finales, because he’s a psycho too. We just let it out in different ways. There’s not one person on this planet who’s completely sane.
  4. I like myself. All in all, I’m a catch. Why would I alter my personality in order to convince him to spend more time with me? If he can’t look past my anime obsession and massive makeup collection, then he’s clearly not the guy for me.
  5. I won’t turn dating into a game. It wouldn’t feel right to act like someone I’m not, just to get him to call me his girlfriend. I’d feel like I was lying to him, and I don’t want to start out a new relationship with lies. That can’t be healthy.
  6. If he can’t handle me at my worst, he doesn’t deserve my best. We’ve all heard that quote before. It’s famous for a reason. I’m not going to waste my time with someone who stays for the good times, but leaves as soon as things get rough.
  7. It weeds out the bad guys quickly. If I show my crazy right away, some men will run right away. I’ll get rid of the weak ones before I develop strong feelings for them. Only the men worth dating will stick around.
  8. No relationship is perfect. Every couple has to deal with some less than ideal things. The sooner he realizes that, the better. I need a realist, not an optimist.
  9. I want him to date the real me. I don’t care if I land the hottest guy in the state. If he’s dating some spruced up version of me, then how could I brag about it? He’s not really dating “me” at all.
  10. He’ll see it eventually. I’m not going to hold back pieces of myself. It just wouldn’t make any sense, because I can’t hide my crazy forever. I’d rather be honest from the start.
  11. I’ll drive myself crazy if I hide my crazy. You know how hard it would be to monitor every move I make? It would make my relationship a lot more stressful than it should be, and I want to date someone who helps me relax–not someone who drives me insane.
Holly Riordan is a writer from Long Island, New York who has authored several science fiction and horror books. A graduate of Stony Brook University, she has spent nearly a decade writing for publications including Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, and more. You can find her on Instagram @hollyrio and Twitter @hollyyrio.