There’s Now A Board Game You Can Play With Your Dog

I don’t know about you, but I do everything with my dog (or rather, he insists on doing everything with me). I can’t even go pee without his little face staring at me from outside of the bathroom door. He loves to play with his favorite toys, but now I’ve got something even better than his grubby little hedgehog toy: a board game called Woof meant to be played WITH your dog.

You can play with as many dogs as you want. Woof requires at least two players and one of them needs to be human, but you can add in as many pups as your heart desires so no one is left out.

So how does it work? Basically, you and your dog will need to “answer canny canine questions, win best breed competitions and even ask your dog to do tricks and exercises around the clock.” If your dog does well, they get points just like you. As the product description reads, “The first player or team to complete the tasks wins – but watch out, if the dog earns more bones than you during the game – the dog takes the crown!”

This thing comes with a LOT of different pieces. Because you’re playing a board game with a dog and they’ll be doing different tasks than the humans in the game, there are a lot of pieces to keep track of with Woof. The game comes with “1  Game board, 1 Egg timer, 1 Die, 5 Playing Pieces, 40 WOOF cards (Dog Breed competition cards), 35 Dog Trick Challenge cards, 55 Dog Quiz cards, 10 Yin and Yang cards, 32 Dog Bone pieces, 26 Dog Bone pieces, 26 Dog Biscuit Pieces, 14 Doggy Doo Doo pieces.” Whew!

This is the first game of its kind. I’ve never seen a game that I could play WITH my dog before, so I ordered this immediately as soon as I found out it was a thing. If you don’t have a dog yourself but know someone who does, this would also make a great Christmas gift because it’s so unique and so much fun.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in the UK right now. Woof is exclusive to The Present Finder, which only ships to the United Kingdom at the moment, which sucks! Hopefully they’ll release the game in the US soon because no dog should go without having so much fun.


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