World’s Most Jealous Woman Makes Husband Take Lie Detector Test Every Time He Comes Home From Work

Debbi Wood, a 52-year-old woman from Leicester in the UK, just might be the world’s most jealous woman. After marrying her husband Steve in 2014, Debbi has set up some pretty extreme rules for him to follow, one of which is taking a daily lie detector test when he gets home from work.

Previous to being introduced to Steve in 2011, Debbie had her heart broken by her long-term partner, which therapists believe triggered a trauma response. That response is needing extreme control over Steve to assuage her intense paranoia.

“I’m relieved to finally know what’s wrong with me but I still have a long way to go. Even if Steve pops out for 15 minutes to buy a pint of milk, I make him take a lie detector test as soon as he gets home,” she said, per the Daily Mail. “I get so worried that he’s been eyeing up the shop assistant that I just have to know the truth.”

Debbi Wood really might be the world’s most jealous woman

Debbi said that she can never fully trust that Steve won’t go looking for (or even at!) someone else when they’re not together.

“I think he’s gorgeous, but that’s not the issue – it’s about whether or not I can trust him not to look at other women while he is out on his own,” Debbi explained. “I don’t want him thinking they’re hot. If you’re in a relationship and you’re happy with your partner, you should only have eyes for that person.”

In addition to making Steve take daily lie detector tests, she also has child-proof filters on his laptop and phone. He’s also not allowed to watch any TV shows that feature women. Yes, that’s ANY woman.

“The only thing that could put my mind at rest was banning him from watching any programs that have women in them. Now, I won’t even let him watch The Weakest Link in case he fancies Anne Robinson but I’m scared he’ll have a sneaky look when I’m in another room,” she said.

So, how does Steve feel about it all? As he told Phillip Schofield on ITV’s This Morning, “There is no danger of me running away anytime soon, as if I was going to run away from my wife, I’d have done it already.”

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