Netflix’s New Horror Series ‘Ares’ Is Too Scary For Some People To Finish

Netflix’s New Horror Series ‘Ares’ Is Too Scary For Some People To Finish Netflix

I’m a big fan of horror movies and TV shows, the freakier the better. While I don’t find ghosts and huntings very scary at all, I definitely get terrified by more “realistic” plotlines involving murderers, psychos, and in the case of the new Netflix series Ares, cults. The Dutch series is so freaky, some people have admitted on social media that they almost can’t bear to finish it!

  1. Ares‘ plotline is brilliantly simple. According to Netflix, Ares centers on an “ambitious college student” who’s hell-bent on becoming part of the elite in Amsterdam society. To do so, she joins an “exclusive society” that ends up having some pretty dark and horrifying secrets. Sound scary enough yet?
  2. It’s like a teen drama but so much more. From the trailer alone, you probably get a bit of a feel of Midsommar and maybe even Riverdale (just with way more horror, obviously). However, don’t write this off as some crappy YA series—Netflix is seriously packing a horror punch with Ares and making a show that’s legitimately scary, not just sorta freaky.
  3. That goth aesthetic, tho! As one user commented on Twitter, “If u guys like creepy horror + goth aesthetic shows about cults I highly recommend the new Dutch show Ares that just got put on Netflix….the aesthetic is…*chef kiss*” Frankly, I’m all about that vibe and it’s about time more TV shows embraced it. American Horror Story does this well, but that’s about it!
  4. Not everyone can get down with it, however. Ares is not for the faint of heart, and while Netflix is known for putting out some pretty freaky content, for some, this show was just too scary to watch all the way through. “Ares on Netflix is so f***ing disturbing I can’t finish it,” said one Twitter user. Girl, I hear you, but I’m going to watch it anyway, probably all in one sitting.
  5. It’s available to watch on Netflix now. Plus, it’s only eight episodes long, which means you can get them watched this weekend. I don’t know about you, but I’ll accept that challenge.
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