Woman Finds Strange Dog On Her Patio Furniture That Refuses To Leave

Amy Haden and her daughter are the proud owners of two pets, but the dog that turned up on their patio one morning and refused to leave wasn’t one of them. While getting ready for work one morning, her daughter told her that there was a dog on the porch, but it wasn’t one of theirs. So, whose was it?

  1. Neither Amy nor her daughter had any idea where the dog had come from. “I don’t know… it’s not the neighbor’s dog. I know they don’t have a dog that looks like that,” her daughter said. Amy had never seen it either, which made the whole thing even more mysterious.
  2. The dog was “just chillin’ on the porch.” As Amy recalls, the animal had made itself right at home on the patio of the house, jumping up on the chair and having a seat. He looked at Amy and her daughter as they looked at him, and they could tell that he wasn’t vicious. If anything, he wanted them to come hang out too.
  3. They decided to leave him where he was. Amy Haden and her daughter had to head out for the day, so they figured the dog would find its way home whenever it was ready. However, when they got home that evening, they were shocked to find the furry friend still in the exact same spot. He was still there the following morning, so it was clear he wasn’t keen on heading elsewhere anytime soon.
  4. Amy reached out to the neighbors to see if anyone was missing a dog. She posted a message on Facebook and asked those in the area if they had any idea where the dog had come from. No one responded.
  5. In the meantime, they decided to look after him. They allowed TikTok to come up with the animal’s name and eventually settled on Walker. He was a wonderful animal, but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to stay with Amy and her family because he couldn’t get along with the dogs they already had.
  6. Eventually, they found Walker an amazing home with an elderly woman. She was thrilled to take Walker in. “She told us she was praying for a dog like him and that we were the answer to her prayers,” Amy told “Good Morning America.”
  7. Now, Walker is getting all the love and cuddles he deserves. He’s in a happy home and has all the cozy furniture to lounge on he could ever possibly want. Now that’s a happy ending.

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