Yes, I’m Happily Single & No, I’m Not A Future “Cat Lady”

Yes, I’m Happily Single & No, I’m Not A Future “Cat Lady” iStock/Kristina Jovanovic

It gets really tiring hearing rude remarks (or “jokes”) about how I’m destined to be alone forever with dozens of cats just because I’m a strong single woman. That B.S. is old and out of touch. So what if I’m not in a relationship? It doesn’t mean that I’m destined to die alone in my apartment where I’ll be eaten by my 72 cats — and I wish the morons who constantly say this crap to me would just STFU.

  1. Speaking my mind doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to find someone special. I’m a woman who asserts myself proudly and for some reason, being a single woman who voices my thoughts, feelings, and opinions must mean I’m not deserving of love. Just because I speak my mind and stand by my convictions doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart of gold or that I’m not amazing girlfriend material. I’m tired of being judged on surface facts when I know I’m an all-around good person who deserves to find someone special.
  2. Being single isn’t a sign of weakness or permanently defective qualities. Being single is so often assumed to mean something more than it actually does. No, I’m not psychotic or too defective to love. Nothing is wrong with me. I’m simply someone who hasn’t found my person yet. In the meantime, I’m living life as my own person and staying true to myself. It’s nothing I’m ashamed of nor does it worry me about the future.
  3. Yes, I’m sometimes bitter about my dating experiences — I’m human. When I get heated about encountering yet another douchebag or am disgruntled about a bad dating experience, I’m allowed to vent my dismay about it without rude and ridiculous judgment. I’m a normal human being with normal human emotions that I cycle through. I may have a few particularly down moments from time to time, but I’m otherwise a pretty damn happy and upbeat person, especially when it comes to love. I wish people would stop assuming my perfectly valid rants about a dating struggle means that I’m going to end up a bitter old woman with an army of four-legged friends.
  4. Having a bunch of cats beats ending up in a miserable relationship with a jerk. So what if I do end up alone with a bunch of cats? Perhaps I’d rather be alone with cute furry friends, sitting by my fireplace while knitting them all cat sweaters, than face a life of settling on a boring guy who doesn’t treat me right. Staying true to myself might be the reason I’m single right now, but it’s also the reason I’m going to eventually end up finding someone that I actually love fully and want to share my life with. And who knows, maybe he’ll like having cats too. Ha!
  5. Being single is no longer a lifestyle to frown upon. I hate the negative connotations that seem to go along with being a single woman. Damaged. Bitch. Undesirable. Cat lady. Prude. It’s all total garbage and I’m sick of hearing it. It’s 2017 and being single is actually ragingly popular, not to mention even more common than a successful marriage. Being single isn’t a symbol of a pathetic and sad destiny, it’s symbolic of someone who isn’t afraid to stand on their own and live life on their own terms until the right person comes along.
  6. Cats are actually pretty awesome. Why are cats still the international symbol of relationship failures? They’re simply cute and independent creatures that are easy to love and care for. People really need to get over the cat thing. Kitties are adorable. Deal with it.
  7. Seriously, is this all people can come up with these days? I’ve heard the cat lady joke so many times over the years that if I actually got paid for each time, I’d have enough money to adopt and feed the 72 cats I’m apparently destined to have. Now, all I can assume when someone shoots this silly attack at me is that loser can’t come up with anything intelligent to clap back with. It’s actually kind of pathetic.
  8. Being strong means I have the patience to wait for what I want. I’m still single by choice and my choices are simple. I want to find and commit my life to the person who’s best suited for me. Is that so horrible? I may be a strong and single woman, but at the end of the day, being strong and stable on my own is all that matters to me. I’m not overly concerned about the lack of relationship status in my life and neither should anyone else. I know I’ll find my person someday because I’ve been patient and can remain patient for a love that’s worth having.
  9. Worry about your own fate and stop ignorantly assuming mine. My singleness isn’t complicated. I’m just someone who hasn’t found my ideal love match yet and I’m perfectly okay with that. I’m content and proud of who I am, opinions and all, and I’m lucky to have grown into someone strong enough to wait for someone truly wonderful. So no, being a strong single woman doesn’t mean I’m destined to be alone with 72 cats. It means I’m capable of being my own person until I come across someone worth not being single for anymore.