After Dating So Many Bad Guys, I’m Giving Up On Relationships For Good

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in dating, and entertaining bad boys has been one of them. After back-to-back breakups, these no-good suitors have completely crushed my hopes of finding a genuine partner, and I’m ready to give up on being in a relationship again.

  1. They always lead to heartache. I can count on one hand how many good times I shared with my exes, and the bad times far outweighed those lovely memories. Things always seem to go in the wrong direction when I’m dealing with a bad guy, so it makes me worried that even if I do find someone who I click with, things between us will never be blissful. Perhaps my past horrible relationships have scarred me, or maybe it’s just time I give up on dating for good.
  2. I’m done making sacrifices for guys who aren’t willing to do the same. Love should come easy, but for me, it doesn’t. I find myself linking up with men who never have good intentions, and I always end up making way more sacrifices than I should. I’m over seeking approval, love, and affection from the kind of men I seem to attract. For once, I’d like someone to make a sacrifice for me! Until that day comes, I’m not going to bend over backward just to be in a relationship. I’ll focus on myself instead.
  3. I’m full of resentment. I’m still harboring all of the feelings of disappointment, betrayal, and animosity that are lingering in my heart from dealing with these losers. It’s not fair for me to bring this negative attitude into my next relationship, so it seems like backing off from love is in my only option at this point.
  4. I think all men are bad news. Because I keep attracting the same type of guys over and over again, I’m starting to believe that all men are just really crappy in general. If it’s this difficult to find a guy who has himself together and isn’t trying to blame games, I’m tapping out of the dating world for sure.
  5. I still haven’t learned from my mistakes. In order to grow as a person, I need to figure out why I keep attracting guys who are bad for me. Until I’m able to do that, being in a relationship is something that’s not up for discussion.
  6. Finding my emotional match feels impossible. Because I like to dive right into commitment and share my life with my partner with openness, honesty, and trust, I’m learning that the guys I attract aren’t really on that same wavelength. They’d rather lie and be manipulative, which has really soured my mood in terms of relationships. I never thought it would be so difficult to find someone who’s emotionally mature and ready for love—someone who’s more like me!
  7. I’m not ready to move on from the past. It’s not that I can’t move on, it’s just that I’m not ready. Being in a healthy relationship in the future means I’d have to get over all the jerks who did me dirty. Honestly, I’m stuck in the past and still reliving everything that went wrong. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to let it all go.
  8. I’m done with the games. Bad boys are notorious for playing games. It’s almost as if they get off on leading me on and treating me like utter crap. For once, I just want someone to come into my life who’s real, someone who doesn’t want to toy with my emotions for his own sick pleasure. Unfortunately, I’m starting to think a guy like that doesn’t even exist! Too many heartbreaks have ruined my thoughts about dating, so for now, I’m walking away from the thought of ever being with someone new.
  9. At this point, I’m better off alone. They say there’s someone out there for everyone, but if my “someone” just so happens to be a bad guy like the ones I’ve been attracting, then I’m fine with rolling solo. This string of bad apples is pushing me to embrace the single life for as long as possible.
  10. I’m going to date myself. Who says I need to have a boyfriend anyway? At this point, I’m too hurt to share my life with someone else, so I’d rather date myself instead. Going to nice dinners, receiving gifts, and going on movie dates are all of the things I’d expect to do while in a relationship, and I’m not about to wait around for a man to come into my life to fulfill those needs. Since bad guys have ruined my outlook on dating, I’m just going to do these things for myself and treat myself the way I’ve always wanted to be treated. If the guy of my dreams never finds me, oh well. I’ll be perfectly fine because I’m fed up with relationships anyway.
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