You Might Not Think You’re Hot, But Here Are 8 Signs You Are

I know that everyone goes through a glow-up at least once in their life. Most people, however, forget how hard that second puberty hits around when you’re 21. I’m not talking about the gawky teenage boy finally growing into his nose and filling out the 6-foot frame he grew overnight. I’m talking about becoming an adult. As soon as we’re comfortable with ourselves, everyone around will see that. You might not think you’re particularly attractive after a childhood of feeling odd and out of shape, so here’s how to know if you’re hot. (Spoiler alert: you totally are!)

You got taller overnight and filled out in the right ways.

Somehow, in an unexplained way, around the age of 20 our hormones are finally starting to regulate themselves. Furthermore, we understand our bodies a little more and know the kind of food and drink it does and doesn’t like. Maybe when you stretched out, you lost a little puppy fat or it moved to all the right places. We know how to treat ourselves and we settle into our own habits rather than letting our parents’ decisions run our life. The result? We are comfortable and reinvent ourselves. Enter: sex magnet. You’re hot – get used to it!

You got contacts and your skin cleared up.

These are superficial physical things, but they make all the difference because the ugly duckling very quickly becomes the cool, tall jock with great teeth since you put the work in during your teenage years. These aren’t the only things that matter, but you will notice that you get people’s attention more. For better or for worse, you’re hot and you need to know it.

You’ve experienced a financial glow-up.

You will find that there are many ways to be hot, so you might be ignoring an important metric. Money! It makes the world go round, after all. It represents a lot, for example, your independence, your professionalism, and your skillsets if you have a well-paying job. Many people are attracted to certain uniforms or industries, so don’t be surprised if you find a line of suitors following you into work!

You actually have confidence.

This is the biggest way you know you’re hot. This is part and parcel of all the other changes that you will be going through. The general rule of thumb is that most people are more attractive the older they get. No one wants to peak in high school, that’s all I’m saying. You will carry yourself in an imperious, eye-catching way and it will get you far. Trust me, the most attractive person in the world wouldn’t get half as much attention without the ego to boost.

People always want to help you out.

Maybe they hold doors open for you when they’re already running late for a train. Maybe you find that life gets a little easier because this world, for better or worse, uses beauty as its main currency. People will want to impress you, make you laugh, get validation from you. You might not see all the ways that other people look out for you though. It’s hard to be the ‘It’ girl; harder still when you don’t know that it’s you!

People find reasons to touch you.

This is creepy if it’s in public, but it’s more of a compliment when you’re in the bar and people come up to you. Well, again, take that with a pinch of salt. Unsolicited contact is never the vibe, but sometimes we can admit to ourselves that we enjoy the attention. If you’re hot and you don’t realize it, that will increase your attraction to people. It’s like the One Direction song, ‘You don’t know you’re beautiful. Very moving, I’m sure.

Everyone laughs at your jokes.

Some people just carry a charm with them that attracts people. It’s hard to explain. But you will always be surrounded by people. It’s the same reason that people will offer to change their seats with you to make you happy. People love unconventionally pretty people too, not just the obvious, in-your-face kind of hot…

Guys will make more eye contact with you.

Gone are the days where you could scan a crowd to find a friend without being detected. Anonymity isn’t really granted to hot people. But that’s one of the nice things about not being born traditionally ‘hot’, or growing into your looks. You appreciate them, but also they don’t define your whole personality. That’s why most people who suddenly become a 10 in their late twenties are much more well-rounded, mature, and attractive than the popular crowd in High School ever were. What goes around comes around, I guess!

There you are! Maybe after a nerdy start out to life, you find that all the qualities you doubted when you were younger have finally started to come good. Maybe you thought you would only ever be cute, but now you feel sexy and mature. Always give yourself a chance to feel comfortable in yourself, and only then can you embrace the truth: you’re hot and you know it.

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