If He Has Zero Female Friends, That’s A Huge Red Flag

There’s always a bit of a learning curve when you get into a relationship with a new guy. Slowly, you get introduced to the important people in his life and you start to get an idea of who he is as a person. Most people are a product of who they surround themselves with, so if you notice a guy you’re interested in seems to have no female friends, you might want to think twice about moving forward into a relationship with him.

  1. He may not trust himself with other women. Some men are hornballs¬†and they’re totally aware of it. Your guy may think he’s being respectful to you by cutting other women out of his life, but he can’t avoid women forever. If your guy lacks the self-control needed to befriend someone of the opposite sex, you’re inevitably going to have some trust issues down the line.
  2. He may be the perpetual victim of the “friend zone.” Your guy might jump into every friendship with a woman with the expectation that she’ll eventually fall madly in love with him. He may be the type of guy that gets all huffy with a woman after finding out she’s not interested and then proceeds to ghost out of her life in order to avoid embarrassment. Dating a guy with an ego like that will not work out for you in the end.
  3. He may not respect women in general. What kind of a man goes his entire life without making at least one solid female friend? Probably the type of guy that doesn’t value a woman’s time unless she’s willing to provide him with “benefits.”
  4. He says all of his exes are “crazy.” If a majority of the ladies your guy has been friends with in the past were also lovers, you may be relieved to find he’s no longer on friendly terms with them. That being said, pay attention to the way he talks about his old flames. If he only refers to his exes in a negative, accusatory way, you might just have a total man-child on your hands. Most men can acknowledge past mistakes, take partial responsibility for failed relationships, and talk about their exes in a respectful way. A handful of men can even develop solid friendships with their ex-girlfriends.
  5. He probably doesn’t care about women all that much.¬†At this point in his life, he is making a conscious choice to exclude women from the narrative. He may think women generally have nothing interesting to say, or he may get frustrated easily by empowered women who have no problem voicing their issues with current events. Make sure your guy knows your passions and your struggles are real and they’re something he needs to care about too.
  6. Diversity makes the world a better place. As you’ve gotten older, it’s probably become apparent to you that the most well-rounded, empathetic people also happen to surround themselves with a diverse group of individuals. The more a person knows about other cultures and other lifestyles, the better! If a man is choosing to cut out an entire gender from his life, imagine how small-minded he could potentially be towards anyone that’s even slightly different than him.
  7. He’s probably jealous as hell. If a guy you’re interested in doesn’t spend his time with any other women than you and his own mother, he probably won’t appreciate the time you spend with your dude friends. He might expect you to to drop your existing guy friends the moment things become official.
  8. He’s hiding something. Guys that have zero female friends are typically hiding some sort of dirty secret. Maybe he’s a horrible drunk and he gets too rough, maybe he doesn’t know where to draw the line between friendships and romantic relationships. The possibilities are endless and probably not at all positive.
  9. How are you going to dig up the good dirt? It may be a little stereotypical, but female friends are often super useful when you want to dig into your guy’s past a little bit. Lady friends are the perfect source when you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift for your guy or they may be willing to tell you who the hell that random chick is that keeps texting your boyfriend at odd hours.
  10. If you want to, give him the benefit of the doubt. You might be the type of woman who has trouble maintaining relationships with men for a myriad of reasons. If you can have an open dialogue about why your guy doesn’t appear to have any female influences in his life, he may surprise you with a totally justified answer. Maybe he just moved into the area or maybe a big misunderstanding pushed all of his female friends away, you can never know unless you ask.
Jessica is a proud Pittsburgher that loves to drink tea and adopt cats in her spare time. She is a self-proclaimed Slytherin and would like to visit Harry Potter World as soon as possible!