10 Definite Signs A Guy Is Hitting On You

A lot of the time, dating feels like a game of chess. You’re trying to read the other person’s mind to figure out their intentions and plan your next move. You can’t say for sure if a guy is into you or just being polite. Or, you might think he’s just being friendly when he’s actually hitting on you. The only through this maze of confusion is to learn to recognize subtle signs of romantic attraction. So if that co-worker, crush, or cute stranger is giving off these signs, he’s probably into you romantically.

  1. He maintains eye contact longer than normal. Eye contact is one of the simplest ways to connect with someone and indicates that you find them interesting on some level. If you keep catching him staring at you or he holds your gaze for a long time when your eyes meet, he’s trying to send you a message. It’s his non-verbal way of creating intimacy between you and him.
  2. He showers you with compliments. It’s simple logic: If you make a person feel good about themself, they’ll see you in a better light. A guy who’s hitting on you won’t be able to say enough good things about you. He’ll compliment you on subtle things like your earrings, nail color, the way the light bounces off your hair, or some unique aspect of your personality. He just wants you to know that he thinks you’re incredible.
  3. He can’t seem to stop smiling at you. A guy who’s hitting you is going to be happy around you. Everything you say or do is going to cheer him up. His smile is going to be bigger and brighter than ever because he’s enjoying your company and he wants you to see that. This is especially true if he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t smile a lot around other people.
  4. He’s showing off to impress you. When a guy is into you, he’ll try to show you that he’s a catch. He’ll put his best foot forward by talking about the things he’s good at, places he’s traveled to, his great job, or new apartment. He’ll put extra effort into his appearance. Some guys will try to impress you with their knowledge of a topic. Some will take you on expensive outings and buy you pricey things. Others might show off their chiseled, athletic bodies to make you swoon.
  5. He’s eager to chat with you. Is he putting in the effort to talk to you? When you talk, does he offer long, positive responses to keep the conversation going? Does he ask questions or offer up information about himself? Does he give you his undivided attention during conversations? All this could point to the fact that he’s hitting on you. He knows the more you keep talking, the more time he’s going to spend with you and the better he’s going to get to know you and increase the chances of you liking him back.
  6. He remembers the things you say and acts on them. Maybe while you were talking to him one time, you mentioned an author that you loved. A week later, he hands you a copy of their latest book. That’s a solid sign you’re getting hit on. People generally don’t remember a lot of things said in passing unless the speaker is someone they’re interested in. So if he can recall specific details from your interactions, he has the hots for you.
  7. He’s a complete klutz around you. When it comes to flirting, men aren’t always suave and confident. So if a guy stumbles over his words, spills things, blushes, or says ridiculous things around you, he’s trying his hardest to flirt with you. Sometimes, he might not be a klutz, but you’ll notice him fidgeting a lot and having a hard time deciding what to do with his hands. One moment they’re in his pockets, the next they’re adjusting his sleeves or running through his hair.
  8. He offers to do things for you. A good sign that a man is hitting on you is when he tries to help you with your issues and just be there for you. You need to move? He’s there packing and carrying things. Need some help with a project at work, watch him learn a new skill or subject to render assistance. Because he cares about you, he wants to make your life easier however he can. He also wants you to think of him as dependable.
  9. He finds reasons to touch you. When you like someone, it’s like there’s some invisible thread drawing you to them. You just find yourself wanting to touch them. It might just be him brushing his leg against yours, a gentle caress on the arm, or a handshake that lingers too long. His touches might also be a way of checking your reaction. If you don’t pull away, he’ll assume you’re interested and make a bolder move.
  10. He thinks you’re very funny. An easy way to tell if he’s hitting on you is if he laughs at your jokes even the ones that are corny. If you think something is funny, he’s going to mirror you and laugh along because he wants you to like him. So if this guy is always rewarding the things you say with a smile or laughter, that’s his way of telling you he likes you and wants to get closer.
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