Ladies, Being Too Nice Isn’t Hot — Here’s Why

Being called “nice” used to be considered a good thing. But in our eat or be eaten world, nice girls are often put on the back burner in favor of the more exciting, mysterious, and even dramatic girls. Most guys are drawn to a girl who will make their heart race and keep them on their toes, and unfortunately “nice” girls don’t exactly do that. In love, you don’t want to fly under the radar, you want to be the kind of girl no guy can stop thinking about. Here’s why “nice” girls often come up short in love.

They don’t make an impression that lasts.

Nice girls are usually the wallflower type. They’d rather fade into the scenery than ruffle any feathers. Therefore, people tend to forget they even exist.

They let guys walk all over them.

Guys love to push girls’ buttons. They’ll do it on purpose to test her limits. But the nice girl doesn’t have any, and as soon as a guy realizes that, he loses all respect for her and it’s downhill from there.

They give guys too many chances.

Instead of cutting a guy who betrays her out of her life, the nice girl will give him another chance. And another. And another. Whether he deserves them or not, she always thinks it’s her duty to let him prove he can change, when it would be better for both of them if she just walked away.

They’re afraid to step on any toes.

She and her friend have their eye on the same guy, but the nice girl will always bow out gracefully rather than fight for what she wants.

The don’t take risks.

Not only will the nice girl probably not ask a guy out, she’ll rarely venture far outside of her comfort zone at all. She’ll have a hard time meeting new guys, or intriguing them at all because she’d rather be nice than interesting.

They’re boring.

You always know what to expect with a “nice” girl. She always does the right thing, and while that’s great and all, being predictable isn’t.

They’re afraid of confrontation.

The nice girl doesn’t start fights. In fact, she avoids them at all costs, even if that means she ends up getting the short end of the stick every time.

They don’t stand up for themselves.

Nice girls are always putting everyone else’s needs before their own. Of course relationships require a certain level of compromise, and you can’t always get what you want, but nice girls have become accustomed to never getting what they want, and have come to expect it.

They think being “nice” is enough.

They rely so much on their image as the nice “girl next door” that they forget guys like girls with personality. No guy wants to date someone who is just nice. They want a little edge.

They seem like they lack passion.

She doesn’t fight for anything because she’s afraid to rock the boat, so it seems like she doesn’t really care. She spends more time making sure everyone else is happy than herself, and guys notice how two-dimensional that makes her.

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