10 Questions Guys Ask On First Dates When They’re Only Interested In Hooking Up

There are a few ways to tell if a guy isn’t interested in a serious relationship on the first date, from his body language to his general behavior. However, pay more attention to the things that come out of his mouth. If any of these questions come out of his mouth on the first date, it’s a huge sign he’s playing you.

  1. “Where did you get that body from?” This line, often paired with a raised eyebrow, is definitely a sign that all he wants is to hook up. He wants to make it clear that that’s all he’s after in this interaction and is seeing how you handle the question. This guy’s only got sex on his mind and he’s not even bothering to try and hide it.
  2. “So, why did your last relationship end?” The only time a guy would ask this question on a first date is if he didn’t care about it ending. He’s getting into inappropriate territory here but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t want a second date with you, he wants to bang tonight and maybe another night… if he feels like it. Sure, this question might offend you, but it’s a risk he’s willing to take. It could be just the thing to get you into a vulnerable enough position to go home with him.
  3. “Is it okay if we split it?” The fact that he isn’t willing to pay shows exactly how much value he’s put on you. It’s kinda sad when you think about it. He sees this interaction as two consenting adults possibly doing consensual activities later. If you don’t call him back for a second date, that’s fine. He doesn’t care about that. All he cares about is hooking up with you TONIGHT and making sure it stays casual and chill. He’s treating you more like a friend or hookup, in this case. The stakes are low, so why would he waste his hard-earned cash trying to impress you?
  4. “Why is a girl like you single?” He wants to see what kind of girl you are. Are you single because you want to be? Did you just get out of a relationship and are emotionally fragile right now? He wants to see where you’re at and whether you’d be down for a casual situation with him. This one is a little tricky because sometimes this question sounds like a compliment, which would normally be a sign that he’s sincerely interested in you and maybe wants to take things further. If he says it kinda suspiciously or like he’s better than you, he’s not sucking up to you, he’s letting you know that HE’S the answer to your sad, lonely life. Not likely, dude…
  5. “What kinda stuff are you into in bed?” If sex is brought up on the first date, it’s pretty obvious how he sees you. He wants to find out if you’re DTF and if you’re open to at least discussing it then he’ll know it’s pretty much in the bag. This question is pretty inappropriate on a first date and if the guy you were with really, truly liked you, he wouldn’t risk his chance with you with this rather risqué question.
  6. “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” He’s hoping you will say something sex-related here. This is just an attempt to get the sexual ball rolling. No guy has asked this question hoping the girl will say something like “ate an entire cheesecake in one afternoon.” He’s banking on those sexy deets and whether or not you give them to him will be his cue for the rest of the evening.
  7. “Have you ever heard of The Cube?” Every girl has been asked this, and if you haven’t, trust me, you have—you just don’t remember. “The Cube” is a super dated pick-up tactic to get a girl’s trust before, well…you know. He’ll have you close your eyes and picture a cube and then proceed to analyze you based on what you picture. He’s not just trying to be deep, he’s tricking you. Don’t fall for it!
  8. “What are you looking for right now?” A guy who’s actually interested in dating you long-term wouldn’t ask this because according to popular stereotypes, he can safely assume that most women are looking for a serious relationship. If he asks, he’s only doing it in hopes you’re going to say you’re only looking for a casual hookup-type situation.
  9. “When was the last time you had sex?” This is a sleazy question, but I’ve actually been asked it many times, even in the light of day by a co-worker, so it’s not that nuts to get this one during a date. I think it’s pretty clear what he’s implying here. He wants to bring up the topic of sex in hopes you’ll get the message that that’s all he wants and preferably tonight.
  10. “Can I ask you a really personal question?” We all know how this one is going to end. If a guy really likes you, he wouldn’t risk messing it up by asking you an overly personal question. He would just smile and nod. If you say yes to this question, he’s going to eventually ask you about your sex life. He’s just testing the waters to see if you’re willing to go there with him.
Jennifer is a playwright, dancer, and theatre nerd living in the big city of Toronto, Canada. She studied Creative Writing at Concordia University and works as a lifestyle writer who focuses on Health, B2B, Tech, Psychology, Science, Food Trends and Millennial Life. She's also a coreographer, playwright, and lyricist, with choreography credits for McMaster University’s “Spring Awakening,” “Roxanne” for the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, and “The Beaver Den” for The LOT, among others.

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