10 Reasons To Live Together Before You Get Married

Old fashioned advice often suggests that you should avoid “living in sin” with your boyfriend prior to marriage, but these days, it’s seriously common. If you think about it, moving in with your boyfriend is a great idea, despite what statistics may suggest. Here’s why you should move in together before you put a ring on your finger:

It gives you the full idea of what you’re signing up for. 

It never ceases to amaze me how much a person can hide from another person if they aren’t living together. You might find out that those cute little habits he has aren’t that cute, or that his idea of how a house should be run don’t mesh with yours.

A divorce is a lot more expensive than moving out. 

Home issues are major dealbreakers that often don’t come to light until you’re both under the same roof. You might not be able to predict them, either, and this can lead to you splitting up within the first couple of months. In other words, if things don’t pan out, you won’t have to worry about duking it out in court.

It’ll give you a realistic idea of what married life will be like. 

Many guys and girls who get hitched without moving in together assume that a marriage will mean a perfectly idyllic happily ever after. The truth is, there’s not really a perfect life after marriage. Living together and seeing one another’s ups and downs helps you see the real picture, rather than an illusion.

It’s cheaper to split bills, anyway. 

Living separately means you’re both paying higher rent, and you’re both likely paying more for food, phones, insurance and even internet. If you’re both paying separate rents, why not just combine them and improve your quality of life?

You’ll be able to get a better idea of how responsibilities will be shared. 

Because let’s just face it, finding out that you’re expected to do all the cooking, cleaning and breadwinning wouldn’t be cool.

Living together is a test, but a fun one. 

Let’s just be honest. Living with anyone will test your boundaries and your relationship with that person. If you find you can’t live with one another, you definitely shouldn’t marry. Unlike other relationship tests, this one can be a fun one if you both put your minds to it.

It makes having sex more convenient. 

Think about it. Since you’re living together, it’s not like you’d have to hail a cab, rent a room, or sneak around to do it. So, expect sex to be more frequent at the very least.

Living together helps you learn to act like a team. 

When you live together, it’s not that easy to break up. There is a commitment there — and it’s one that may make you think twice about bailing when things don’t work out immediately. In other words, it’s a quick way to realize the importance of teamwork and the consequences of trying to do things unilaterally.

It also encourages your friends to see you as a couple. 

When you live together, it’s impossible for friends to avoid seeing both of you when they drop by. This makes it easier for your future spouse to bond with your friends, and for you to bond with his.

It’s proof of a commitment to you. 

Because let’s face it, a 10 year long engagement doesn’t really say the same thing as real cohabitation.

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