10 Reasons You Should Totally Have A Hookup Buddy

If you’re not looking for a boyfriend, but still want to get laid on a regular basis, getting a hookup buddy could be the perfect solution. This casual (but sexual) relationship isn’t for everyone, but if you can have sex with someone without getting too attached, you might find that it’s just what you need. If you’ve thought about having a “special friendship,” but aren’t 100 percent sure if you should, this is why you should at least give it a shot:

You get to have sex. 

This is really the whole point. If it wasn’t about sex, he would just be a buddy and this whole topic wouldn’t matter. But sex does matter, and it’s amazing. Honestly, sometimes we don’t want to wait to get through multiple dates before deciding if a guy is worth sleeping with, and a hookup buddy eliminates the hassle of finding the “right guy” to help get your rocks off.

There’s no emotional commitment. 

I know some women don’t want sex without emotional commitment, but some of us are totally fine with the physical connection and not much else. There’s a benefit to not having to worry about what he thinks of your personality or your parents. If you can handle hooking up without a commitment, this is the most stress-free way to go about it.

There’s (probably) some exclusivity. 

If you’re banging someone regularly, chances are neither of you are trying to hook up with ten other people. Of course, some people will have several hookup buddies (good on them), but most people can only handle one at a time. It’s almost like being in an exclusive relationship without the tears or fighting over who is doing the dishes. Sign me up.

It’s fun! 

When there’s no stress and sex is just for fun, you enjoy it so much more. With a hookup buddy, you can just let go. Sex is amazing stress relief by itself, so just imagine how good you’ll feel having sex with someone who strips away your troubles as he strips off your clothes.

There are no strings attached, but there’s still familiarity. 

You don’t have to call him on your way home, ask him what he wants for dinner, or pick his socks up off of the floor, but he’s not exactly a stranger either. You get the comfort of sleeping with someone you know and care about without all the less convenient parts of a full-blown relationship.

It’s not time-consuming. 

While you might engage in some post-coitus pillow talk, you don’t have to worry about a hookup buddy taking up all of your time. If you have a busy lifestyle, you don’t need to sacrifice your hobbies or alone time in order to make room for him. You just meet up, have some fun, and then continue living your life as normal.

It keeps your number down (if you care about that kind of thing).

Even though it’s not a big deal at all, some people really care about the number of guys they’ve had sex with. If you want to get laid, but are also trying to keep those digits down, a hookup buddy is the best alternative. You get what you need while only adding one more to the pile.

It’s easy. 

Having a hookup buddy is such a simple way to get laid. You don’t have to seek out someone new on Tinder, and you don’t have to spend a ton of time getting involved with someone you want to seriously date. If all you’re looking for is a human connection with the added bonus of an orgasm, why make it difficult when you can have it this easy?

You still get to be selfish. 

Having a partner means you have to make compromises both inside and outside the bedroom. That’s fine if it’s what you’re looking for, but if you’re in the middle of an independent streak, a hookup buddy might be more up your alley. You can get each other off, have breakfast together in the morning if you want, and then do whatever the hell you want for the rest of the day.

It’s a different kind of connection.

Sharing a romantic bond with someone is nice, but hooking up with someone you’re “just friends” with is something very unique. You’re sharing a very intimate experience with someone you might only have a casual friendship with outside of the bedroom, and while it’s not for everyone, those who’ve had a friend with benefits can attest that it’s a special relationship all the same.

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