10 Reasons Your Friends Don’t Tell You What They Actually Think About Your Boyfriend

10 Reasons Your Friends Don’t Tell You What They Actually Think About Your Boyfriend ©iStock/BraunS

We always tell our friends that no matter what, we’ll always be honest with them, even if it might hurt their feelings. However, we all know there are times that we don’t tell one another exactly how we feel, for whatever reason. This particularly applies to romantic partners — after all, no one wants to be the friend that says she hates the guy you’re dating when she knows you really like him. Here are 10 reasons why the people that love you don’t tell you the truth about your guy (and you should consider dumping him):

  1. You NEVER stop talking about him and seem totally obsessed with him. Because they love you, they don’t want to kill your love-high. (But seriously, this is super annoying, so maybe find another topic to talk about.)
  2. He has really sexy friends. They love having a group of hot guys around sometimes… but your BF, not so much.
  3. You haven’t had a boyfriend or love-interest in a really long time. And no one wants to put you back into your former dating rut. You’ve been looking for a relationship for a while now, and they don’t want to burst your bubble prematurely.
  4. You get really defensive about him. This is probably because you know in your heart that he isn’t great for you, but you think he’s super hot and can’t seem to get past it. It’s not worth the battle if they know you’re just going to fight them on everything they have to say about him.
  5. It’s your life, after all. If you want to make bad dating decisions, who are they to tell you otherwise? That is, until you two break up and you call them crying asking why no one warned you he was a jerk.
  6. They know you’ll just ignore them. No matter what they say, you’re going to keep dating him anyway, so why waste time talking about your crappy boyfriend when there’s wine to drink?
  7. They’re happily “consciously coupled”. They’re actually in meaningful long-term relationships with guys that everyone likes, and don’t want to seem like hypocrites when they’ve found love and you’ve been supportive about it.
  8. They’re afraid you’ll think they’re jealous. If they’re single, they’re probably afraid you’ll say they’re jealous of what you two have and that they just don’t understand your relationship, and that’s more annoying than having to pretend they like the guy.
  9. They’re afraid you’ll go back and tell him. That’ll definitely make it awkward every time you all hang out (which will probably start happening less and less).
  10. They value your friendship too much. They don’t want to risk starting a fight over a relationship they know won’t last, so they’re happy to just let it play out as it will.

No matter the reasons, we know those people will always be there for us with fro-yo and wine if it all comes crashing down. So even though it can be hard to hear, if they tell you how they feel and you don’t like it, just remember they do it because they want you to be happy, not wasting your time dating someone who isn’t worth it.

C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314