10 Signs You Have A Strong Personality That’s Often Mistaken For Arrogance

Having a strong personality is a good thing, no matter what the haters tell you to make you think otherwise. Sadly, sometimes people mistake it for being arrogant, even if you’re the humblest person around. They also might think your confidence is OTT. Insert eye roll. Okay, but look: although you shouldn’t allow those misconceptions to get under your skin, it helps to know why people might think that you’re arrogant. So, read on to learn 10 reasons why your strong personality can be mistaken for arrogance.

1. You Take A Stand For Yourself.

People with a strong personality back themselves no matter what. They’re their own biggest cheerleaders and this is how their confidence shines. They stick up for their beliefs and thoughts, without letting people undermine them. Arrogant? Hell no! You know who you are and you like yourself. That’s a good thing.

2. You’re A Crystal-Clear Friend.

Around you, your friends and family members don’t have to worry that you’re going to lie to them or tell them what you think they want to hear. You’re crystal-clear water, my friend. You’d rather be straightforward with people so that they know where you stand, and you want them to be honest with you in return. Although you’re honest, though, you don’t go around being brutal or not taking people’s feelings into account.

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4. You Shout Out Your Opinions. 

You’re always loud and proud, even if no one else in the room shares your opinion. Although you’re not rude about your ideas, you express them with confidence. It’s good to be someone who is comfortable in their own skin. It also means that you don’t go with everyone else’s flow. Just because everyone around the dinner table loves avocado, it doesn’t mean you should smile and nod your head if it’s not true. It’s refreshing having you around. 

5. You Don’t Second-Guess Yourself.

Since you know what you want and where you’re going, you don’t dilly-dally when you need to take action. Sure, you know planning to achieve your goals is a must, but you don’t waste time. You also don’t bite your nails and wonder if you’re making the right decision, because you have the confidence to know that you do, 100 percent. Okay, so this can make people a little frightened of you, but they’re just jealous because you’re not afraid to go for it.

6. You Don’t Deal In Excuses.

As someone who’s got a strong personality and is transparent, you don’t have time for BS, such as in the form of excuses. So, when people dish you excuses for why they couldn’t be at your birthday party or support you during a tough time, you don’t give them the time of day. If you’ve busted someone’s excuses and they call you arrogant, they’re turning the tables on you when they’re the bad guy. Gimme a break.

7. You’ve Got A Steel-Covered Will.

When you want to drop out of university to pursue a creative career, you do it even though people around you might say it’s a bad idea. When you want to dump the guy who’s great on paper but so-so in RL, you break up with him, even though your friends say he’s awesome. You’re stubborn about what you want and have blinkers on when you get onto the right track. You’re not stopping for anyone!  

8. You Jump Off The Bandwagon.

It doesn’t bother you when everyone around you is doing one thing and you’re keen to do another. You go against the grain and that’s why you’re such a creative, awesome person. As long as you’re tolerant of other people’s ideas and you don’t bash them for being conventional, they should be supporting you. The good thing about being a strong personality is that you don’t let anyone stop you from choosing a unique or unconventional path or lifestyle.

9. You Know Happiness Is The Best Revenge.

People might get annoyed with you because you always seem happy and positive. Yeah, happiness is the best revenge! The cool thing about this is that you don’t let things rattle you. You don’t hold onto past hurts but rather focus on enjoying yourself — you’ve got a bright future and it puts a smile on your face. Don’t let anyone dull your shimmer.

10. You Don’t Let Criticism Bring You Down.

Strong people know that they’re always going to have enemies and frenemies who want to criticize them or put them in their place. Ugh. You know what they say: throwing shade isn’t going to make you shine. You don’t let criticism that’s fired your way become who you are. In fact, if it’s constructive criticism, you’re open to it and find ways to learn from it.

11. You Don’t Need Likes.

Whether online or offline, you’re not an attention seeker who needs lots of praise. You have a positive self-esteem so you can give yourself compliments when you need them. Although it’s great to feel the love from important people in your life, you don’t allow yourself to be swung by their opinions of you. You’re a tree with deep roots that aren’t going to be swayed by a gentle breeze.

Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.