10 Signs You’re Finally Good With Being Single

You may not necessarily be single by choice but you’re also not all that worried about finding a relationship. Here are 10 signs that you’re totally comfortable with and happy about being a single woman—and why shouldn’t you be?

  1. You don’t feel awkward when you’re alone in public. You don’t freak out at the thought of going to the movies alone or being stood up by friends and then having to make your way out of a restaurant or club solo, feeling like a fool. In fact, you love doing things alone, so much so that you regularly take yourself out for meals and enjoy the solitude! 
  2. You don’t feel weird when you see happy couples. You don’t feel jealous or cynical about those hand-holding, smiling couples you see in public or on Facebook. You don’t really even notice them anymore. This is a good sign that you’re focusing on other things and have bigger priorities than just finding your soulmate. 
  3. You’re genuinely happy for your taken friends. When your BFF calls you to tell you that she’s met such an amazing man, you don’t feel jealous or tell her that all guys are losers and her new guy is going to break her heart. You’re honestly happy for her and cheer her on. You know that what’s great for her might not be great for you and that’s perfectly fine. You’ve made the choice to be single, after all.
  4. You don’t feel societal pressure to find someone. Just because you’re happy as hell for your friend who’s got a new boyfriend, that doesn’t mean you now want to install the Tinder app on your phone ASAP. You don’t actually want to find anyone and you don’t feel the pressure to get someone to date just because your friends or other women your age are finding love. Some people might not believe that you genuinely don’t want to date, but that’s their problem.
  5. You don’t freak out about weddingsWhen you weren’t happy about being single, going to weddings felt like going to the dentist for a double root canal without the local anesthetic. These days, however, you don’t see weddings as something scary. They’re a celebration of the love between two people who have decided to be together. That’s it. It doesn’t mean that they’re a reflection of your current state in life.
  6. You don’t freak out about the spider in the bathroom. You not only enjoy being single but you can come to your own rescue when you need some help, like when there’s a giant spider in your bathtub. Instead of freaking out and calling your male buddy to come sort it out, you can find a way to deal with it without losing your mind or seeing the situation as a sign that being single sucks.
  7. You lose track of time on the weekends. You’re certainly not sitting around eating ice cream and watching stupid rom-coms. Insert eye roll. You’re getting out there and doing stuff that makes you happy, and you know you don’t need a man around for that to happen. In fact, you’re having so much fun that you sometimes lose track of the time on the weekends. That’s a sure sign that you’re in your happy place.
  8. Your free time is sacred. Remember the times when you used to sit around waiting for a guy to call you and make plans for the weekend? What an absolute waste of time, especially with the guys who used to bail on you. Now your free time is precious. You’re very careful about where it goes and who you choose to spend it with because you don’t want to waste a minute of your life. That’s the way it should be. Not having anyone means that you’re able to stop compromising so much of your time and energy. It’s all yours and it’s sacred.
  9. You’ve gone through the various stages of being single. You went through the fear of the uncertainty, and the pain of getting over your ex, and the fears of never finding your forever person. Now you’ve come out on the other side of all that and you’re 100% comfortable with being single to the point where you wouldn’t trade that comfort for anything.
  10. You hesitate when meeting a great guy. While you know it’s good to keep an open mind about life and people, you also know that it’s going to take an amazing, incredible, and perfect guy to make you want to give up your single life. You’re not just ready to hand it over to the first guy who wants to go on a date with you. Your standards are sky high and your happiness is right there with them. Whoever enters your life needs to fall in line with that, otherwise, it’s time to say goodbye.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.