Things Guys Say After A First Date & What They Really Mean

Many of us are fine making the first move, but sometimes it feels the ball is still in guys’ court to make the first move if they’re still interested after a first date. Sure, you can drop hints all night long, and in some cases you can immediately tell that this is the beginning of a great relationship, but sometimes the signs aren’t so clear. Here’s what guys say after a first date and what they really mean:

“We should get coffee soon.”

You hit it off well enough that he wants to see you again, but not well enough that he wants to splurge on another damn second-date dinner when it may not end up going anywhere.

“I’ll give you a call sometime.” 

But probably not with any advance notice, and probably after midnight, preceded by the dreaded and ultra-transparent “U awake?” text or one of those other annoying texts all single women receive.

“So, what did you think?” 

If you get this question, he probably liked you but wasn’t getting those vibes back and isn’t sure where you stand. Maybe you’re guarded or hard to read, or maybe he’s picking up on the fact that you’re just not that into him. Either way, he doesn’t want to risk telling you he wants to see you again and embarrassing himself if you don’t. Hey, at least he didn’t tell you to smile more.

“I’d like to meet your friends.” 

He’s pretty sure that you’re not a crazy bitch, but you seem too good to be true. He wants to check in with your friends to make sure that he’s not missing something obvious.


If he leaves things open and doesn’t say anything at all about what he thought or about next time, it’s not necessarily a bad sign. He might just be an introvert who wants to dissect how everything went on his own, or maybe he wants to get advice from his friends. Then again, he might just be an awful jerk who just doesn’t want to get into any awkwardness in person and plans to ghost you later.

“Can I kiss you?” 

He really, really, really wants to sleep with you. But he also doesn’t want you to feel like you’re dating an a-hole. Which are both two important aspects of a relationship, actually. Not bad.

“Do you want to take this back to my/your place?” 

He probably doesn’t see the relationship going anywhere if he tries to push it forward so soon, but he’s attracted to you and figures he might as well see what you’re up for. Hey, you can’t blame a guy for trying.

“Do you want to go get a drink somewhere else/go for a walk/grab a coffee/go see a movie?” 

If he extends the date in a sweetly innocent way like this, it means he’s genuinely having a good time and doesn’t want it to end. A good sign!

“Can I call you again?” 

Bam! He likes you, and he cares enough about your opinion that he doesn’t want to bother you if you weren’t feeling it.

“I’d like to see you again.” 

The subtle difference between this and number nine is in the wording. You’ve got a strong, confident guy who really liked you and is willing to put himself out there by saying it straight. He’s stating, not asking. Hopefully that means he read you right and you’re into him too, and he’s got the intuition to pick up on that. If he’s right, this one just might be a keeper.

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