How Often Do Guys Think About The Girl They Like?

One of the things that people think distinguishes men from women most of all lies with matters of the heart. However, that’s all smoke without fire. When you get to the root of the issue, we’re not all that different. Yes, girls think about guys all the time, but guys are exactly the same. They just might not express it in the same way. Here are things that your crush is thinking about you all the time, even when you think he isn’t.

He likes you so he thinks about you.

We all have our fantasies… of all kinds. It’s totally normal to be consumed by the object of your affections. We know, as women, that we can spend hours daydreaming about the guy we like. Why does it come as a surprise that guys feel the same way in return? We need to give guys more credit than presuming that they are emotionless robots. All that’s doing is giving them a reason to be that, which is in no one’s interest. Yes, they might not shout about it to all their friends and family, but that will come with time. Guys have to ease into emotional declarations because society doesn’t provide as many ready-made avenues through which to express these ideas. Be patient with them — you can’t presume to know what they’re thinking.

We’re all the same.

Any relationship worth having should be equal. Both the girls and the guys should have an equal partnership. This means that their feelings are equally valid and that they both have agency in the relationship. One person shouldn’t be seen as the emotionless or emotionally empowered “master” of the other. You should always be meeting in the middle, not chasing your partner. That’s why it’s important to set a clear channel of communication where both the guy and the girl feel comfortable expressing their emotions, because we both know y’all are thinking about each other all the time.

He might be a player.

This is the one caveat to my theory. Yes, we’re all the same, but guys will more often perform this player mentality than girls. It means that society forces them to not want to be vulnerable or to be seen to be vulnerable. While girls can talk about their partner to their friends, guys often don’t have that same outlet. It means that even players — despite outwardly performing outwardly a cruel indifference — will internalize and obsess over their crushes.

Guys plan their future with you.

It’s not just women who nest. Men will plan where they want to take you on vacation or plan new recipes that they can impress you with. They’ll want to know about you and find out all the ways that they can make you happy. If they care about you, they’re thinking about you. Simple as that.

Guys wonder about your past.

This isn’t an “I wonder who you’ve slept with before” question. No, this is a much more meaningful question. A guy who likes you wants to know how to improve upon what’s gone wrong for you in relationships before. He’ll spend days and weeks with you living in his head, occupying all his thoughts and actions. This is where you have to pay attention and spot the signs.

He wants to get to know your family.

Guys all want us to think that they’re stupid and simple and to not look too deep. However, when you look past the bluff and B.O., beneath every player there likely lurks a sweet boy. An individual who wants to know all about you and incorporate themselves into your future. He’ll think about you on and on. The more he learns about you, the more he can speculate and think about ways to surprise you, engineer fun trips, and meet your family. If he wants to advance your relationship, he’ll be thinking about you.

He wants to get your attention.

As is the case with anyone, when you first get that crush fever, you will find yourself beholden to another individual. Guys are the same as girls here — we all get obsessed. Honestly, there’s a thrill to attaching yourself to someone new and making new plans. It can represent a new phase of life and that’s exciting. This is a great way of figuring out if your crush likes you back.

Guys overthink too.

It’s not just girls. Maybe it’s just girls who admit to it, anyway. If you’re getting radio silence from your crush, don’t dismiss him. He’s probably thinking of you 24/7 but just can’t figure out how to articulate it. Let’s face it, his guy friends probably won’t be the best influence on him. Just give him a space to talk to you, and you’ll soon realize that behind all those mixed messages, he knew all along that he liked you. If in doubt, tell him you like him first to get the ball rolling!

So there you have it, a few reasons why guys think about their crush all the time. Give them some credit, people!

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