10 Things I Really Miss About The Single Life Now That I’m Wifed Up

10 Things I Really Miss About The Single Life Now That I’m Wifed Up ©iStock/CoffeeandMilk

I’m happily married, and I feel incredibly lucky — I somehow hit the jackpot and got a great guy with an accent that’s sexy as hell — but if I’m being totally honest, there’s so much I miss about being single. I wouldn’t leave my husband just to go back to that life, but if I was single again for whatever reason, I’d definitely appreciate these things way more than I did last time:

  1. Flirting. When you’re single, flirting is fun and harmless, but when you’re married, it’s like a pre-pre-cursor to cheating. Before, flirting was just a natural thing that I could do and not care about because I wasn’t tied down to anyone, but now I have to monitor my naturally flirtatious personality so I don’t give other guys the wrong impression.
  2. Enjoying male attention. It was so nice to enjoy male attention, now it just annoys me. It’s nice to know dudes still find me attractive even though I’m a married woman, but, like, stop it because you can’t have me and he might punch you.
  3. Hooking up with whomever I want. I’m by no means complaining about the sex in my marriage, but in my hypothetical single again world, I wouldn’t run away from good looking men who might like to engage in some extracurricular activities with me.
  4. Brunch. OMG, I miss brunch. Sunday mornings are no longer designated to nursing hangovers (because I don’t get them much these days) and reliving the weekend’s shenanigans. Sunday mornings are now for brunch with hubby, which is nice, but not the same.
  5. Girls’ nights or weekends all the time. I know that part of growing up means moving on from some of the reckless times of your youth… but, dammit I miss them! Girls nights and last minute crazy weekend trips were the best. I may not remember a lot of what happened during them (whoops!), but I know they were great.
  6. Spending my money however I want, even badly. My husband doesn’t monitor my spending, but because I know we’re jointly responsible for crap, I have to actually be careful that I don’t overspend. #adultingsucks
  7. Not giving a single f*ck about anything but me. Being selfish was awesome… really awesome.
  8. Keeping my house how I want it. Living with another human being is hard, but living with one you really love and respect gets even harder because it’s your joint space and you want to make sure he’s happy in it, too. But sometimes, that means moving things around from where I want them, and that’s annoying AF.
  9. All the things being pink. I have a small (read: massive) thing for the color pink. My engagement and wedding rings even have pink stones in them, but that’s as far as he’ll go with the glorious color. I can wear it, but it doesn’t exist in our home. It kills me a little each day.
  10. Wearing whatever I want. He doesn’t control my wardrobe and has never told me to change, but because I’m married and I respect him, I find myself dressing differently to deflect attention when he isn’t around. Crop tops, I’ll come back for you one day!
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314