10 Ways A Guy Should Fight For You And Your Relationship

Fighting for you doesn’t mean getting into a bar brawl when drunk because some other guy was flirting with you. That’s childish. What I mean by a partner who fights for you is a guy who works hard to make your relationship work. Here are 10 ways he should show you he’s in it to win it.

  1. He should have your back. I don’t care if his best friend from school doesn’t like you. I don’t care if not a single person in his camp likes you. He should have your back and defend you. He should have the balls to pursue you if he wants you instead of being a sheep who follows what others want for his life.
  2. He should respect your dreams. Your dreams are important to you. If he doesn’t agree with them or think you’ll succeed (shame on him), he should still support you. He doesn’t have to agree with everything you say or do, but that shouldn’t reduce his level of support. If he’s not your number one supporter, then who the hell is he and why is he taking up space in your life?
  3. He should make you feel secure. If you always feel like you’re not 100% sure if he wants to be with you or if he loves you, that’s a bad sign that you’re not with someone who’s fighting for you. Your partner should show you regularly that he loves you and wants you and only you.
  4. He should talk it through. When you have a fight, does he storm out of the room? Does he leave you thinking that it’s over? Do you have to chase him? If so, that’s not the type of partner who’s fighting for your relationship. He’s just fighting. He should show you that he wants to make a relationship work with you by talking through your issues.
  5. He should make you number one. Okay, so he’s obviously going to have other people and things in his life that he cares about and makes a priority – it would be weird if you were the only thing he loved (and creepy, I might add). But, you should never feel like you’re way down on his list of priorities.
  6. He should communicate. Is there anything worse than a guy who doesn’t answer your calls or texts, or who doesn’t let you into his thoughts and feelings? Ugh. If he shuts down and doesn’t let you in, that’s a bad sign that he’s keeping you at an emotional distance. You want the guy you’re with to be emotionally invested in the relationship.
  7. He shouldn’t take you for granted. Does it feel like you’re always giving him love and he’s totally ignoring the value you bring to his life? Over time this can lead to resentment and make you feel that he just doesn’t really care enough. He’s gotta step up!
  8. He shouldn’t treat you like a work in progress. This obviously goes both ways. Changing your partner is never a good idea. If your partner wants to change you, from how you dress to what you think, he’s toxic. A guy who will fight for you will fight for you as a whole – he’ll fight for what you believe in, for how you want to live, and much more.
  9. He’ll bridge the gap. No one’s going to find a partner who’s exactly the same way that they are. Hey, that would be boring. But if you and your partner aren’t compatible in some ways, he should at least try to meet you halfway and compromise when required for the greater good of having a healthy, happy relationship. Of course, you should do the same.
  10. He should stick around. When the going gets tough, he shouldn’t pack up his bag and go AWOL. He should stick around and fight! When you’re having a bad day, is he there? When the honeymoon phase is over, is he still as excited as ever about being with you? He should be willing to talk with you and figure things out, and find a way forward for the relationship instead of backing away or ditching you during your time of need.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.