10 Ways You Know You’re Dating Your Best Friend

It sounds a bit cheesy when you hear someone say that they’re “dating their best friend”, but really, there’s nothing better than knowing that the person you’re in love with is also your BFF. Here’s how you’ll know that you and your partner aren’t just lovers, but also best friends:

  1. You laugh all the time. Friends laugh. Think back to the best times you’ve had with your friends, and there was almost certainly laughter. If you can’t laugh with your boyfriend, he shouldn’t even be a friend, never mind the man in your life. Laughing with each other is good, but you know you’re dating your best friend when you can also laugh AT each other without it being weird.
  2. You enjoy running errands together. Running errands is one of the most boring things in the world, so you know you’re in a good situation if you actually enjoy doing it together. Hanging out with friends can make almost anything fun, and if you find yourself eagerly volunteering to go to the hardware store and the bank with the guy you’re dating, then you’re definitely great friends as well as great partners.
  3. You cheer each other on. The beauty of true friends is that they support you no matter what. Even if they think you’re making a terrible decision, they stand by you the whole way through. If you can do that for your boyfriend and let him do it for you, then you’re best friends. Relationships are about supporting each other, and for that you need a valued friend by your side.
  4. You’re honest with each other. Unconditional support is absolutely necessary, but so is honesty. If your friend thinks you’re heading for a fall, she’ll tell you. If you acknowledge those concerns but stay the course anyway, she’ll support you. That’s exactly what a strong couple does as well — if he just says yes to everything without ever disagreeing, he’s not being your best friend.
  5. You daydream together. If you’re afraid to talk about your future together, he’s not the right guy. True friends daydream together and fantasize about what’s to come. You wouldn’t be afraid to talk to your girlfriends about where you’ll both be in five years, so why would you be afraid to talk to your partner about it?
  6. You like traveling together. This is a biggie. Travel is notoriously stressful for some people, and spending that much time with someone is bound to send you a little crazy. If you can travel together and enjoy it, then you’ve hit the dating-your-best-friend jackpot!
  7. You don’t get tired of each other’s company. When you’re dating your best friend, you never get tired of his company. If he always wants to hang out with other people, he’s not enjoying you as a friend. True friends can run errands, have a fancy dinner, or just sit silently side-by-side and always enjoy it. It’s not what you do — it’s who you’re with.
  8. You know it’s okay to have your own lives. We all love our best friends, but you should also be able to enjoy yourself when you’re not around them. It’s not being tired of them, it’s valuing independence. When you’re dating your best friend, you each respect the other person’s time. You let each other have your own lives instead of constantly “checking in” to find out where the other is and who they’re with.
  9. You trust each other. A lot of women will say they trust their boyfriend, but still struggle with the urge to check his phone or find out if “Sam from work” is actually called “Samantha”. You know you’re dating your best friend when those thoughts don’t even occur to you. Nobody would confide in a friend they didn’t trust. If you can honestly say that you trust your boyfriend and would tell him anything, then he’s firmly in best friend territory.
  10. You know when to just sit, listen, and give a great hug. Friends are amazing. They celebrate with you, they make you laugh, and they help you grow. They also know when you’re down. They know when you want a pep talk and when you just want to be held. You know you’re dating your best friend when he can do all of that and you do the same for him.
Aileen is a freelance writer and recovering perfectionist. When she was consumed by perfectionism, Aileen was always confused, angry and frustrated. At epistoleary.com she tries to help other women who feel the same because life after perfectionism is bloody great!